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Basic Principles

Some basic things we must keep in mind at all times :

  1. Trust in any person/ situation/ concept must not be given gratuitously but be earned after actions are made and not after words are said.

  2. When we interact with public service, enterprises, banks, professional services, political parties, reporters, schools and educators, law and police we see that we demand all the information and the answers to our questions/ requests are given to us always in writing and signed as well as filed with case number as the law requires. ORAL SPEECH HAS LITTLE TO NO SIGNIFICANCE BEFORE THE LAW WHEN IT CONCERNS PUBLIC SERVICES AND AGENTS AS WELL AS ARBITRARY EFFECTIVENESS IN ALL OTHER CASES.

  3. We do not accept as justification for any action, suggestion, urging, persecution, demand the excuse 'that's what always is done/ that's what's the usual/ that's how it is/ these things don't happen/ I'm not the one doing this'. We always ask to be given the number of the law or legislation arbitrating our matter so that we can check the legality of the actions, demands or appeals we are facing not orally and namelessly but in writing and with responsibility, as the law orders.

  4. We do not stand for threatening/ rude/ intimidating/ belittling behavior from anyone regardless of rank or station or we will be breaking the law of the state not to accept the committing of illegal actions to our person: we always remember that vituperation and offense of dignity in any way including the lack of respect is punished legally in all manners.

  5. In all public services and agencies without exception we go more than one person together as in the occasion of a breach in conduct of the type described in number 4 as well as a breach in conduct of public servant courtesy code we need the existence of a witness to ensure success of our claims but also further attention and caution on the part of the representatives of the public services.

With the above actions we protect ourselves and our interests and although they may seem tedious in their execution it is simply a matter of routine which will save us money, psychological strain but also time of involvement with these public services while definitely achieving our goal with the least possible trouble and toil.

These basic principles as well as all the behaviors described in this area do not refer to just one, but ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION of the Citizens, regardless of specific characteristics and ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION of Individuals regardless of identity.

That is, all without exception the Citizens must, for example, demand from the State to offer them quality of life, which includes ease in commuting, proper shelter, education, diet, medical care, etc. The only thing that changes between different Citizens is the details which determine the way to achieve this goal (quality of life).

Therefore a Citizen with special needs must demand the quality of life (which includes necessary provisions and services ensuring him/her the same ease and accessibility with Citizens who do not have special needs) just as a Citizen who is a single parent, a Citizen who belongs to a citizen group such as Romany, unemployed, religiously differentiated, and others (which means they must exercise the Right of Equality before the state and fellow citizens, protection of daily existence and full accessibility to areas, monuments, places which are necessary for their quality of life).

Beyond the basic trajectories we present here, certainly for every case the basic trajectory must be aligned to its special aspects, something which we can personally help to do if you communicate with us.



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