Guardian Behavior

There is, by now, abundant proof that all children born healthy physically are also born with very high intelligence (for an in depth analysis of this conclusion, see ‘Remember Me’) and overwhelming potential to develop into geniuses. The development of the person and his/her intelligence depends directly on his/her environment and how much the socialization imposed on him/her blocks (but never eradicates) the manifestation of this high intelligence.

  1. The behavior of the proper guardian must have as a result the development of the personality of the offspring and the cultivation of the offspring’s intelligence on many levels. Some particular behavioral patterns the guardian is obligated to follow are the following:

  2. When the child is an infant we assume (as is true) that this infant has full awareness and emotional understanding of his/her environment and we speak to him/her as we would if he/she were already five to seven years of age.

  3. We never assume that ‘it is a baby, it won’t understand’ and we never ignore the gestures and sounds with which the infant is trying to communicate needs beyond those of the body.

  4. We never assume that an action an infant or a child does is without significance, content, logic or aim just because of their age.

  5. We discuss and explain without fairy-tales or lies all the issues that occupy the child and we never turn any subject into taboo, telling the child he/she is too young to understand it or that he/she won’t understand it. If we feel uncomfortable with the subject, we express this to the child and sincerely explain why we are so.

  6. We never enforce on the child or the teenager something without also giving the logical explanation for it and we never threaten or promise anything without being in advance prepared and determined to see it through.

  7. We never engage in behavior we do not want the child or the adolescent to copy and we never express awe or acceptance of any person whom we don’t want the child or the adolescent to copy.

  8. Being systematic and consistent without depending on models projected and enforced periodically through the mass media is the best guarantee for the maintenance of the high intelligence of our child and the development of his/her personality as unique, with potential of ascension.



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