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The C.V.s following belong to the people who have created this site and, instead of presenting their academic course and the assorted degrees and accolades which are described in other C.V.s in blogs of this site, we rather present the experience and successes that are more important: all the difficulties and problems created by state and state-affiliated factors with aim to cancel the assorted achievements, degrees, accolades and other qualifications of the type we all acquire after personal toil and work.

In these bios but also in all the people who would like theirs posted and who have contributed to this site through article making, complaint filing, support of any kind, we present the daily and true struggle and life statement of resistance against everyone who disregard, breach or twist what our ancestors, Nationally and Internationally, gave their life to ensure for us.

I. Olga Georgiou Yeritsidou : Olga is a pioneer educational psychologist with a long term activity not only on the education of all ages and levels but also on the education and guidance of families, young adults and professionals so that they may function and yield to the highest level, doing what mainstream scientificity considers impossible per era: full reversal of learning difficulties/ dyslexia, rearing of offspring so that they function on the level of genius, education of professionals so that they do not have failures, and permanent arrest/ withdrawal of individuals of all ages and conditions from several addictions and phobias such as drugs, agoraphobia, tranquillizers dependence, abusive/ compulsive relationships, etc.

From the first moment of her adult life (if not adolescent as well), Olga found herself against several highly hostile state actions as well as hostile people. So she resisted and was able to survive while battled professionally by blatant and abusive decrees of state agencies that never had a legal base but seriously threatened her professional and personal viability anyway.

The revolutionary methods demonstrating the potential existing in individuals in nurseries, public schools, private schools, political party organizations and their human potential of all the range from extreme left to mediocre centre, immediately raised the alarm in people who never wanted to offer to Humans. In various ways they threatened and/or blackmailed Olga to stop her completely legal and beneficial to people action, to the point that they attempted to label her anarchic (!) in 1986 with irrelevant laws of the Metaxas dictatorship.

At this time (from 2002, when the systematic investigation around the cover up of the murder of her father began, with the exhumation of his remains) Olga successfully and with lawful actions deals with highly hostile, belligerent and illegal attacks by all the state agents, which blatantly and with a casual eye obviously fall in illegalities and breaches of the Constitution, the Laws and the Codes pertinent, ever since she managed to single-handedly overcome the attempt of financial destruction enforced on her.

That which Olga wants to show and is showing to all Humans is that the Laws are applied when we, the Citizens are aware of them and demand their application.

II. Tanya Maria Geritsidou : Tanya is an education specialist with expertise in pedagogical methods and a writer. She has managed to rebuild from square one or even minus one, the confidence and faith in their capacities of thousands of children and adolescents who were brought to their knees by the educational system and were brought to her by their parents as a last resort. Through the methods she has developed with her mother and the special way of dealing with students of all ages including middle adulthood, she has managed to be able to guarantee the full cultivation and elevation of the person to the top 10% of the normal distribution of the population. She has undertaken and reversed deviant and fringe behaviour in adolescents and adults and is an expert in the cultivation and development of creativity, critical thought and expression of the individual.

From her childhood she was interested in common affairs and had the capacity, although introverted, to lead her class towards constructive goals which were fought against and blocked by administrations and teachers. During her university student life she came up against, exactly like in her school years, hostile people who were against education and the protection of the psychological and educational health of students to the point of open dispute with overseeing professors and administration.

Regarding her authoring work, the educational as well as the literary part, was fought against because she refused to make it 'less groundbreaking' and she did not accept to limit the effectiveness of her textbooks for students so the tuition time could be extended instead of shortened. Tanya trains parents, teachers and professors to optimise and achieve the proper professional and educational goals while in the same time working to socially elevate, through the power of the spirit she has proven that every Individual possesses, everyone who wishes it.

Tanya follows and contributes to her mother's and grandfather's, Georgios A. Geritsidis, struggle against anomy and anarchy that is attempted to be enforced by the state and the market, as she has also been forced to fight for her self-evident right to professionally exist with freedom and self-determination. She has refused to be incorporated into highly prestigious schemas which are nevertheless undermining to children, although she has been repeatedly offered to.

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