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Public Life

Public life is called public because it is the object of estimation and judgment of public opinion, that is, of the citizen. That is because as public life, it represents or is obligated to represent the average of the accepted behavior by the sum of the citizens.

Unfortunately this has been distorted so that it acts conversely: Instead of the public life of the so called 'high profile' citizens being checked upon and modified so that it will represented the life of all the citizens of a nation, it is the public life of each featured person that is enforced as 'cool' in one way or the other, urging the citizens and especially youth to adjust to be similar to that person.

This pattern is at times blatant and at other times needs more attention to become visible. For this reason, in this part of Human Support Services we will be watching current events within and out of Greek borders so that we will offer examples presenting this exact situation so that consciously and with our own free choice (instead of being taken in) we will be able to choose whether to adopt or not what is being projected to us.


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