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What can I do in this site?

  1. I can feel that I have force and potential of yielding results as individual and citizen, with proof.

  2. I can learn formal procedures so that I can legally achieve the protection of my individual and of my family.

  3. I can learn formal procedures so that I can legally achieve the promotion of my goals as individual and as citizen.

  4. I can successfully manage to separate the information that is vital for me from the propaganda and intimidation that are useless and fully harmful to me.

  5. I can be informed about the ways the constitution and the laws predict for my protection as a Greek citizen (or European citizen or world citizen) from domestic and international elements threatening and abusing the abilities, capacities, money, fortune and energy I possess and produce.

In this site there exists the potential and is presented the way through which as individual and citizen of any nationality I shall feel security, pride, certainty and independence.

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See with which actions we protect ourselves and our interests and which are simply a matter of routine that will save us money, psychological strain but also time of while definitely achieving our goal with the least possible trouble and toil.



See some short and very simple facts and data that every informed citizen within and outside of Greece should know so that it will not be possible for him/her to be easily misinformed and for him/her to be able to know the limits, obligations and rights that are derived from the following truths and situations




Recent Complaints

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Lawsuit on High Treason due to ELECTION RIGGING IN JUNE 2012

The suit in Greek here.



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