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Compelled by the demands of the Hellenic Constitution as well as the need to defend our Human Rights that are being profoundly, continuously and grossly breached in such a way that we find ourselves, along with our fellow Citizens victims to serious and consistent, ever worsening attacks on our Human Dignity, as well as several inhumane acts intentionally causing serious injury to our well-being and basic Freedoms, we find ourselves obliged to report to You the series of these offences committed by George. A. Papandreou and cabinets with the tolerance or support of the Members of Parliament along with all pertinent irrefutable evidence, including serious grounds for proving malevolence and premeditation on their behalf.


As far back as 2008 and during the term of Greek Prime Minister (PM) K. Karamanlis, it had been rendered clear to us, as social scientists as well as victims of the then applied governmental policy, that there were breaches of Human Rights and of basic Social and Political Rights being committed, including a clear and certain threat regarding the abject destitution of the Greek People and their imminent obstruction from access to medical care, education, work, security and food. All this we delineated in our DECLARATION and INVITATION FOR AMENDMENT, dated 6/26/2008 , which we served to the then PM Karamanlis as well as to the President of the Hellenic Republic and the President of the Parliament and the sum of the Heads of the Judiciary system within Greece. ( see doc. 1, doc. 2 ). In the text there is clear description of all the offending policies organized per sector complete with a list of all the Constitutional and Human Rights breaches resulting from them. We also included a very clear warning that the crime of GENOCIDE ( which is a crime against Humanity ) was being committed as a result and demanded that the policies be corrected to be in agreement with our Constitution and Human Rights.

To this appeal and in depth analysis we received no response from the then PM and upon inquiry, a verbal affirmation of the PM's stance and intent, namely, that he did not care about our Constitution or our Human Rights and despite being obliged by our National Law to look into and take action regarding all claims of breaches to the Constitution and Human Rights Laws, he intended to do nothing of the sort, feeling safe of our legal powerlessness to seek protection in the National Judiciary System as we will explain below. A like response was received from the heads of our Judiciary System ( which they also refused to provide in writing ) while the President of the Hellenic Republic replied saying he had no Jurisdiction over these matters ( see doc. 3 ), a statement that is grossly false since according to the Constitution of Greece, he is responsible for ensuring the Constitutionality of all executive and legislative actions of the Government and Parliament and should refuse to ratify by signing the passing of any Law that does not meet the said Constitutional and Human Rights standards ( see Articles 34, 35, 36 , 40, 42, 49 of the Constitution of Greece ). He also has capacity to arrest all proceedings by resigning, as stipulated clearly in our Constitution ( see Article 32 ). However, like all others in the positions guaranteeing the safeguard of our Constitution and protection of the Human Rights of the Greeks ( see doc. 2 for a list of these officials ), he refused to take any action or even engage in any sort of activity with regards to his duties and obligations.

At this point we find it necessary to point out that it is nearly impossible in theory and practically undoable to call on the national judiciary to provide legal protection from and possible indictment of offenders if they currently are in or have ever held office in Parliament or the Government ( see Article 86 of the Greek Constitution ), assuring in practice immunity for and impunity from all offenses they might commit, including offenses of a penal nature. These officials can only be brought to Justice and stand trial under due process, if their fellow Members of Parliament (MPs) vote in favour of official impeachment and grant permission to the State Prosecutor to rescind this immunity, a permission that is extremely unlikely to occur at any moment and circumstance, because all MPs are bound by the so-called 'political party discipline' and are penalized by their party leaders with expulsion from the party and assorted other political party sanctions if they vote against political party leader orders, contrary to the Greek Constitution and their Oath ( see doc. 4 ).

And when sometimes this immunity is rescinded under the force of Popular outcry / decry, the process is extremely long, involving several pre-trial stages before even prosecution takes effect and at any given moment Parliament can vote to arrest all proceedings and grant immunity again even as late in the process as the announcement of a verdict in actual trial. Therefore, as it is clearly obvious, at this point the State is unable to be effective in application of any sort of remedy to offenses committed by and / or within governmental policy as well as for being unreasonably prolonged and over-extended, unreliable and biased by default ( most of the pre-trial procedures that determine indictment are performed by MPs instead of actual prosecutors or judges ). ( see article 86 of the Hellenic Constitution )

Despite the above reality we nevertheless did try to get the domestic Judiciary System to offer us and our fellow Citizens the protection we are entitled to regarding our Human Rights as well as our Civil and Political Rights. To this effect, we filed a law suit with charges of High Treason and Treason against PM K. Karamanlis, in particular, stating fully the evidence corroborating his having committed the particular crime, and along with his filed similar law suits for all the recipients of our document who had refused to even consider the matter or even respond to us a simple reply in writing stating their official position sustained by corroborating evidence ( see doc. 5 ).

While the prosecutor refused to even look into the law suit and tabled the motion by ordering it to be archived without ever informing us of his reasons for his decision, he did not even inform us of having proceeded with the said action and upon our subsequent enquiry as to the progress of our motion and the reasons for tabling it, he refused to even speak to us and had police physically drag us out of his office in a most intimidating and humiliating fashion. He also had absolutely no right to order the police to do it since we were civil and only inquiring as to our motion as was our Right and obligation. He also refused to file our written appeal for an inquiry into the matter and to even identify himself by giving us his name. When we protested vocally ( and while being dragged outside his office, literally wiping the floor ) the assistant prosecutors asked us to be quiet while the chief prosecutor himself ran off. In his absence we were told that our questions would be answered and our written appeal was filed ( see doc. 7 ).

To this date we have not received any response but instead, the duly filed law suit against the PM K. Karamanlis was mysteriously withdrawn from the archive and the case is currently under scrutiny for indictment. However, it has been in that stage for three (3) years, that is two and a half more than the time normally allotted to such cases by the Greek due process ( see doc. 8 ). Currently the former PM K. Karamanlis is serving as MP in the current term of Parliament, despite official statements by the current government as well as assorted international officials and agencies that he and his administration are liable for fraud and other criminal offenses against the State of the Hellenic Republic as we shall present below. This situation we present as clear indication and evidence along with the Laws for full immunity previously described regarding our Country's inability at this time to effectively or at all be able to protect its population and offer any sort of domestic remedy if crimes, no matter how gross or grave, are committed by the heads of State and their colleagues. This is not only in breach of our basic Human Rights ( Article 6, 13, 14 ECHR / ���� ) but it is also in breach of the United Nations (UN) Principles of Responsibility to Protect ( Principles 1 and 3 ).

Further corroborating evidence to this is to be presented below during the rest of our presentation of account of the historical course of events.


We had not engaged in all this procedure idly or in theory, but because, in a very substantial way, our very basic Human and Civil Rights were being breached and encroached upon and unfortunately are to this very date still being breached to the point that soon we will be facing problems with our physical survival. The same holds for an alarmingly increasing percentage of our fellow Citizens as we are going to present later below.

In particular, the legislation regarding taxation and especially the Public Insurance Fund and pension tax requires that 20% of our income be paid to ensure coverage of health insurance costs and the setup of our future promised pension by the State. However, the Public Insurance Fund consistently demands more than 80% of our income and upon our procuring evidence that the sums demanded of us were often higher than our monthly income, we were threatened with persecution and jail, despite the fact that all our health insurance benefits have been suspended and despite the fact that our Right to work has been effectively blocked ( and thus precluding our capacity to generate what income we used to produce, let alone increasing such income to manage to cover the demands of the Fund ). To seek protection against this injustice and breach of Human Rights and in order to protect our Right to basic Human needs such as access to electricity, water, food and work we filed for court injunctions stating our exact financial situation and the fact that by paying this unfair non proportional and crippling tax we would be unable to sustain ourselves physically. We also pointed out that the Public Insurance Fund has not spent a single drachma or euro of cover on us in the course of our professional lives but instead has received from us several thousand euros per year, while we were not rendered in need as we happen to be now because of the general state of crisis ( see doc. 9 ). This is money we have paid for years and supposedly intended for our pension and health needs. Health needs that now, in our time of need, are not being covered by drawing on the capital we have already paid to the Fund up to now and for pensions that either will not be given at all or, even if given, will be unable to sustain us in our waning years as has been officially announced several times by the officials responsible for the safeguard of this money and in direct breach of the pertinent contract signed regarding our Social Insurance cover between us and the State ( see doc. 10 ).


To this the Court responded by rejecting my appeal stating clearly that they were not responsible for protecting Human Rights or judging whether the Law is being duly applied in accordance to court and the Constitution and refused to rule on it. Even that decision was not reached in a timely manner even though I had specifically made it clear to the court that I would be gravely harmed and my physical survival would be compromised within the current month of filing the said appeal. ( see doc. 11, doc. 12 )

The only reason we have managed to survive up to now is because, at great harm of what work we had left, we evaded immediate conviction on grounds of having been found in debt lower than the standard leading to incarceration and because ever since we have launched a continuous struggle to force the particular Fund to present evidence for the legality of its motions against us, as well as provide us with pertinent information regarding the way the Fund has so far handled our sums of money in dues already paid to and still demanded from us as well as explain and justify the legality of the manner in which the sum of dues demanded from us was being calculated and applied by the Fund. To this appeal, the Fund has refused ( in breach of my Constitutional and Human Rights to vital information relevant to my person ) to respond except by continuing to threaten me with sanctions, while demanding money we have proven we could no longer procure and forbidding us to work ( since the Fund by law obstructs access to work if dues are not paid on time ) as part of its blackmail to make us pay what we cannot afford to.

The result of this continuous attack from which we can find no protection ( we cannot even afford the fees of filing any sort of motion or law suit ) in terms of the domestic Justice system is that we have lost access to work and we are now starting to lose access to basic elements of physical sustenance such as electric power in our business location and occasionally, running water.

Soon after the withdrawal of our law suit against the PM K. Karamanlis from the inactive archive and its rendering as active status again, elections were announced in September 2009 and the leader of the then Opposition, George.A.Papandreou, ran his campaign on the promise that he would cancel the austerity policy of PM K. Karamanlis and he would ensure that a State of Justice, fair taxation, State support and development would take place and guaranteed a high standard of living with the now notorious mottos : " the citizen comes first" and " money exists/ there is plenty of money". ( see doc. 13 )

In particular, in his election campaign he asked for the People's Mandate to do the following : boost the income of Greek Citizens and 'jumpstart' the economy that had already been in recession, reclaim privatized State enterprises and companies that had been thus privatized under questionable circumstances and amidst scandals involving gross corporate crime and state funds embezzlement, state control and administration of all vital state infrastructure such as ports and completely Constitutional tax policy with stern standards of analogical calculation of taxes and so on ( see doc. 13 ).

However, while he had listed these goals as his contract with the People if he were to be elected, he stubbornly refrained from clarifying and stating the strategic and legislative steps of implementation of these goals and policies he had announced. Therefore, and because we were direly afraid that we were looking at pre-election fraud with intent to usurp the Public Vote without actually performing a single step towards these policies ( and thus it was wholly obscured what he actually intended to do once he acquired the Prime-ministerial (PM) position in terms of applicable steps in law making ) we sent a registered letter to him and his party including the original document we had composed delineating all the breaches of the Constitution regarding State policies up to then and clearly and specifically making it known to him that he was obliged and bound by his duties as candidate for the PM position to clearly position himself on the practical ways were he planning to achieve all the guarantees in his pre-election campaign. We also made it clear to him that gaining the Greek People's Mandate authorizing him to implement the program he had pre-announced and then failing to implement it, would constitute grounds for malintent and possible fraud. We also asked that he position himself with substantial and factual declarations on the six points of gross breach of Human Rights and Civil Freedoms that had already taken place and asked that he take steps to correct them and see to it that Justice be served.

We also informed him that his reply was necessary in order for us to make a decision whether to vote for him and informed him that we would make his reply public so that the Greek People would make an informed and valid decision. Of course, G.A.Papandreou never answered.

At this point, we feel we must stress the fact that given his dramatically blatant breach of his pre-election commitments based on which he won the elections on October 2009, and given his tendency to terrorize the People with utter chaos if they do not blindly submit to his completely arbitrary and unauthorized administration ( as we will explain below ), his refusal to reply is indicative and in support of his cheating of the electorate in order to illegally rise to power. Later, through his explicit actions regarding exactly this refusal he actually admitted to purposefully denying information that could cost him the elections but which was nevertheless vitally pertinent to making an informed choice.

Because we wanted to exhaust all limits of good faith and also attempt to guard and prevent a continuation of the same Human Rights breaches as the previous administration or worse, we sent him a second letter immediately after his electoral victory and asked that he now make public the steps with which he would materialize his program that the Greek People had approved and authorized him to implement and also offered our services for free, setting ourselves at his disposal, in order to point out all the problems we had already reported and suggest corrective plans based on our expertise and experience. We did this based on his own call to every Citizen to offer expertise and knowledge to exactly these ends.

Again we received no response and none of our offers were accepted despite the zero cost hey would incur to the State. Unsurprised and already seeing the symptoms not only of his deviation from his pre-election campaign program but his obvious intent to fully continue the policies for which the previous PM had lost the elections ( i.e., a clear rejection of them by the People ), we sent a third letter where we presented all the abrasions and offenses and breaching of our Human Rights by the Greek Government for the past thirty years or so, stressing the part he, personally, along with his political party had played since he has been in governmental administrations for at least twenty years.

Finally, and because no response whatsoever was received in any of the letters duly served to him, we filed for a court injunction to receive replies to them as we were entitled to within the Constitutional guarantees stated in article 10 and 25 of the Greek Constitution as well as assorted articles regarding administration in our legal Codes. ( see doc. 14 )

To our surprise, the PM Papandreou, stated via his attorney that he was above the Constitution and all Laws including Human Rights, being the supreme lord of the State and thus cannot possibly be subjected to the Laws binding every other Citizen and be forced to answer to missives within his role as part of the Greek State administration. He also went to the extent of characterizing the sum of his actions as above the Law and irreversible for ever and thus rendering the Courts unable to rule on their legality and he himself as not obliged by law to answer to the People at all.

To support his claims he resorted to using laws that had been issued during the seven year Junta ( 1967-1974 ) and the Dictatorship of 1937, laws that do not even hold since they generally have either been abolished or do not apply to his application of governmental policy in the case that that policy was in breach of the Constitution or Human Rights ( see doc. 15 ). The Judge in her ruling did not accept his claim of being above the Law but she also refused to actually rule claiming the Court was not duly pertinent, due to jurisdictional restrictions (!), and advised me to refer the case to courts pertinent to rule on the Constitutionality of governmental actions ( see doc. 16 ).

However, by that time we were rendered unable to pursue the case further because representation by a lawyer is mandatory by Law in order to file a Court Appeal as the judge had advised us to, while the State does not provide for legal representation free of charge to plaintiffs that are not defendants in cases such as these. Thus, we were rendered without access to Judiciary protection, given the fact that for at least the past three years we have been unable to afford legal representation by lawyers / attorneys and all action has been done by us representing ourselves and performing all necessary steps, being forced to learn by trial and error and without any sort of assistance by the State or the Judiciary system regardless of our Right to proper litigation and access to Justice regardless of our financial situation.

Also, we need to point out that even when representing ourselves when we are allowed to by Law we are expected to perform as full lawyers without any assistance regarding protocol by those normally responsible for aiding Citizens that represent themselves, namely judges and prosecutors, or be denied justice due to non - accordance to protocol that we have never been taught and has no affect to presentation of truth and fact. To this and to breach of due process by Greek prosecutors and / or judges because of their assumption that without legal representation we would not know basic rules of due process we can present evidence as requested on several cases of assorted rank and circumstance where we were involved.

Unfortunately, by the time the court ruled on the court injunction aforementioned, it had been rendered obvious that the PM Papandreou in his knowledge and according to his planning cheated the Greek People because while he actually knew the financial situation of Greece he made sure to gain a strong government with false promises so that he could then proceed in a dictatorial manner to impoverish the Greek People to the point of destitution while in the same time compromising Greece's independence, territorial integrity, political independence and the sum of the Purposes as described in article 1 of the UN Charter to which he is bound for all intents and purposes. He also has completely disregarded and worked against the stipulations for protection of equal Rights and self-determination of the Greek People as described in Article 55 of the UN Charter and in complete breach of Article 56, which we will show in detail in the next section.

On March 22nd, 2011 we filed a law suit with charges of High Treason against the PM Papandreou and his cabinet at the time, explaining and supporting with irrefutable and clear evidence all the treasonous acts that he instigated, committed and signed for which rendered our State with a crippled if not non-existent Sovereignty, a rapidly impoverished People who is now being faced with inaccessibility to medicare, education, sustenance and any sort of security, heavy taxation even to those living well below the poverty limit and extreme blackmail and physical force / terrorism if the People dare to demonstrate or exercise their Democratic Rights to strike ( see doc. 17 ). The sum of these offences and their extent as well as their impact we will describe in depth below.

It is of great importance to also name and inform You that besides us several other Citizens have filed similar law suits before and after us charging the particular administration, Parliament and PM Papandreou with High Treason for abolishing Greece's Sovereignty and basic Human Rights guarantees, all of which are expected to be stalled because Parliament ( which includes members of the cabinet that have become simple MPs due to cabinet reshuffling as well as a strong majority of MPs that have time and again declared they obeyed governmental orders, disciplinary directives and party orders that precluded them from voting by their own free will and judgment, since they are being blackmailed with expulsion and other threats ) ( see doc. 18 ) is required in toto to give permission for the prosecution to even initiate proceedings. Further, such permission has been known to have never systematically been given by Parliament anyway. Besides, these MPs are called to decide on whether they themselves or colleagues with whom they often have relations by blood or marriage or yearlong friendship are going to be indicted, in an aberration of any sort of logic in the meting out Justice where the accused decides if he / she will stand trial or not.

Also, several law suits have literally rained upon the government charging them not only for non-Constitutionality but also for severe breaches of Human Rights of vast categories of the Hellenic Society which are also not properly catered to since the Greek Supreme Court is manned by judiciary officials dependent on the government and the political world for their positions and career advancement ( especially since the government controls the majority of MPs and thus controls parliamentary rulings ) ( see doc. 19 ).

Generally, breaching common penal laws and Human Rights under the protection of governmental immunity and power for government members, MPs and their affiliates is common knowledge here in Greece but also has begun to be documented not only by attestations by members of public sector and state services officials but also by data proving governmental malintent ( see doc. 20 ).

Especially prominent is the fact that lately, it has been officially stated by officials of the Statistical Service of Greece ( ELSTAT / ������ ) that the current government under the direction of PM Papandreou, starting from the beginning of his current term in office and in order to justify an arbitrary application of a policy opposite to the one he had the popular Mandate to apply, actually ensured that statistical data regarding Greece's financial condition were tampered with to show a far worse condition to Eurostat than the one it held in reality so that PM Papandreou would be able to go on to revoke and trample on the sum of the basic Human Rights and fundamental Freedoms of the Greeks, including Greek Sovereign Rights and to subject them to austerity so severe that Greeks' physical survival is at stake, as we will demonstrate in the next section. ( see doc. 21, 22 and 23 )


After claiming that the state of Greek finances were in a dire condition and therefore what PM Papandreou had promised to apply in terms of policy was impossible to be applied, the Papandreou administration launched into a series of policies that ran not only entirely opposite to their original program but which were also highly unconstitutional, mainly involving unilateral attack to the middle and lower classes with severe taxation while refraining from taxing the upper classes with percentages analogical to their income as the Constitution stipulates. He also refrained from seeking to gain remuneration from top tax evaders ( big contractors and big corporate businessmen and banking services companies and sports team clubs, called PAE / PAE ) who owe / cost the State sums in the area of several hundred billion euros and instead keeps on financially strangling the lower classes, middle classes and pensioners to literally squeeze them out of fractions of such sums of money. His breach of the Constitution lies contrary to the very basic guarantees of essential Human Rights and Civil Freedoms permeating the concept of a State of Justice as well as the self determination of the People. Despite immediate public outcry / decry and demand for a new public vote / referendum to reinstate legality in the administration ( since Papandreou was elected to alleviate austerity and promote growth by increasing wages and pensions and establishing a fair taxation system and a sound welfare State ), PM Papandreou refused claiming he had authorization from the People stemming from the 2009 elections, although he was not applying a single of his pre-announced and authorized by public Mandate policies. Not only that, he began abolishing basic safeguards for the protection of workers and employees and in general the labor force, rendered most if not all pensions unviable ( since the revenue does not cover basic living costs and with the sudden and arbitrary decrease in the pensions the pensioners' financial obligations to banks and elsewhere were rendered unserviceable without any fault of their own ), cut wages and increased taxation and especially the harshest and most unfair ones such as VAT and especially in primary products for basic needs such as food, gas ( especially for heating ) and public transport. Papandreou did nothing to curb inflation and control the ever increasing prices in basic products of sustenance while at the same time kept cutting back wages and pensions to the point where people cannot cover their basic needs anymore and cannot find extra work due to the extremely high unemployment levels. On top of that, he has forced pensioners and workers to pay for medicine bills too high to allow them to live decently and in breach of the contract and Constitution guaranteeing coverage of life sustaining procedures and medication ( see doc. 24 ).

Wages and pensions were abruptly reduced while all taxation, direct and indirect increased and several things such as housing and car taxes have been taxed twice, which is in direct breach not only of our Constitution but of our Human Rights.

Vast categories of professionals and assorted employees were publicly characterized as criminal and punished en masse for alleged tax-evasion with arbitrary demands to pay extra sums of money arbitrarily imposed and with complete disregard as to each individual's actual income. On the contrary, reporting of low income was by default and without any substantiation regarded as lying and the cause for extra harassment and threats of additional penalization and treatment as being de facto guilty and thus having their privacy violated and threatened with jailing / incarceration even for extremely small amounts of money demanded arbitrarily by the State but which people are unable to pay with the current extreme reduction of income.

He has used the mass media as well as his cabinet to unleash witch hunts against specific categories of the Greek society, slandering and degrading them to the public eye in order to justify on the level of propaganda the unconstitutional legislation condemning them to poverty or severe inability of continuing to exercise their professions in a viable manner, and in order to justify the extreme police brutality exercised against them when they peacefully attempt to demonstrate and exercise their Democratic Rights to state their opposition ( see doc. 25 ). Doctors have been tagged as criminals and accused of not serving the public and of tax evading, when in reality most of them work in unpaid overtime in the hospitals to be able to make up for understaffing ( which has now been rendered worse as we will explain below ). Workers / employees of the public sector have been accused of being overpaid and overpopulating the public sector, are being blamed for being employed there as if they had hired themselves, when in reality the average wage is not more than 1500 euro per month. The extravagant wages customarily belong to politically assigned positions and not to the average public sector employee. However, these extreme cases are used to penalize all the public sector and perform unconstitutional cuts and lay-offs completely dictatorially and without any sort of public acceptance, while at the same time protecting these premium and extreme cases in the public sector from all basic austerity measures ( see doc. 26, 27 ).

In the same manner, other categories such as pharmacy owners, entrepreneurs, farmers, public transport workers, taxi drivers, plumbers, teachers, nursing staff, traders, sailors, port employees, pilots, truckers, kiosk owners, army career offices, airplane engineers ( military and civilian ), pensioners, the disabled, parents of more than three children, hotel employees, cleaning and sanitation staff, students and professors in universities, factory workers, miners, power company employees ( especially those engaged in dangerous activities regarding electricity ), oil industry workers, the unemployed, judiciary and court clerks and employees, policemen and low rank judges, lawyers, open air market traders, all of these have been arbitrarily persecuted and considered enemies of the State, burdens, and the culprits of the alleged economic demise, considered to be secretly and / or illicitly rich ( without any evidence existing to attest to that fact whatsoever ) and who are harrowed into extreme poverty with demand upon demand of 'extra' taxation which they cannot pay and have no capacity to defend themselves against in any court ( see doc. 28 ).

As a result, extreme social phenomena such as a direct increase in suicides due to debt, depending on the town commons for sustenance and living without electricity and / or water have become the status quo ( see doc. 29 ). People, especially the chronically ill and / or the disabled, are in life threatening situations because they cannot cover medication costs or procedure costs. A case in point is the refusal of the Social Insurance Fund IKA to pay for orthopedic shoes for diabetics, claiming instead that surgically cutting their legs off was cheaper. Fortunately, this has yet been averted as a permanent practice due to extreme public outcry / decry upon the story hitting the press. However, less publicized situations, like the inability of cancer patients to cover for their medication despite their direct dependence on it, are now run of the mill ( see doc. 30 ).

Because of course such harsh, and abject and blatantly inhumane treatment of the sum of the Greek People ( with the exception of Parliament Members, parliament employees, personal attaches to the parliament members and the cabinet, NGO's, bankers, as well as their by blood and by marriage relations ) did bring a rise in law suits and appeals, the government raised the fee required to even file a law suit or an appeal from the payable 10 euro fee to at least 100 euro fee and for some cases up to 250 euros. For citizens with an average of 650 euro per month and a minimum expense cost for food and amenities ( without calculating rent ) of at least 500 to 700 euro, paying these fees is impossible, let alone the capacity to hire a lawyer whose fees are by law around 300 euros minimum for one appearance in court ( usually drafting the documents and any other related activity is charged extra ) and usually at least 600 to cover legal and other living costs for the lawyer. Therefore, because of the great increase in appeals for Justice the government in this manner denies the vast majority of the Greek People access to Judiciary protection and contesting / defending themselves and their Rights before the courts ( see doc 31 and doc. 32 ).

Now and because of the inability of the Greeks to pay the staggering taxation demands, while their wages are being progressively cut to more than half, and thus forced to prioritize paying for food / medicine, electricity, water and rent, the government has issued a law where again an arbitrary sum is being demanded this time through the electricity bill and an order has been issued for the power to be cut off ( even if the actual electricity bill has been paid ) if the arbitrary taxation is not paid. This new extra tax is taxing houses which have already been taxed at least twice in various ways and both owners and renters are going to be penalized and blackmailed into paying at the expense of their survival or in the case they are completely unable to do so, to be without power despite having paid for it ( see doc. 33 ).

Of course this constitutes unlawful persecution and trampling of all the basic Human Rights, now inflicted as part of the governmental policy on the sum of the Greek People.

The financial sacking of everyone from the middle classes and below aside, the Papandreou administration has literally destroyed Greece's political independence as well as its territorial integrity in every substantial manner as we will explain, which is in direct and complete breach of Article 2 of the UN Charter as well as Article 55.

This was done in a very specific and official manner involving alleged aid from a joint force of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union (EU) as well as the European Central Bank (ECB), after G.A. Papandreou in person had very studiously worked to isolate Greece from the international community in terms of financial interaction and general status ( see doc. 34 ).

In particular, immediately following his election he and his cabinet used every single international mass media possible to slander and drag through the mud Greece, the Greek State and the Greek People through the mud, tagging it and them as corrupt, unreliable, and financially criminal. Furthermore, the Greek People were summarily presented officially to the international community as a sum of lazy cheats and decadent criminals that lived beyond their means at the expense of other European Peoples, something that is wholly false, slandering, unsubstantiated and malevolent, encouraging racist treatment and persecution of the Greeks simply for being Greek without any further examination of their life and ethical properties. In the same time, insults, abrasions and attacks to the Greek ethnic identity along with a complete disregard to the contribution of the Greeks in the international society both financially and culturally. So, under the active cultivation and care of Papandreou's administration, isolation of the Greeks simply for their ethnic identity which was unfairly and falsely ascribed negative attributes ( 'all greeks are lazy, criminal, and parasitic to other People', 'greek statistics', etc ) the international community was urged to aggravate this situation by seeking punishment for the Greek People while in the same time separating himself from them as allegedly 'honest', conveniently glossing over the fact that he was not new in the governing of Greece and was therefore highly culpable of assorted political and financial scandals ( see doc. 35 and doc. 36 ).

However, any casual observer visiting Greece and spending minimal time among the Greeks immediately could see and can see the great deceit of the government towards the international community and how far from the truth these accusations are of the current administration against its own people ( see doc. 60 ).

As a result of this studious and organized anti-hellenic propaganda launched by him and his cabinet, the financial isolation of Greece resulted, with spreads going ever higher, rendering loans impossible to be had ( according to propaganda, not substantiated by historic fact ) and the downgrading of the Greek economy by financial services rating companies / agencies such as Standard and Poor's and Moody's which made Greek bonds almost worthless.

However, at this point we have to underline that the State deficit was not one of the worst globally and other economies with worse deficits did not receive such harsh treatment by the rating agencies and international community, nor were they culturally attacked that they had corruption in their blood. In fact, foreign heads of state clearly declared their wish to "make an example of the Greek People" by exacting punishment and harsh treatment so abject and adverse that other Peoples would be terrorized into acceptance and submission to objectively harsh and inhumane austerity measures, which however would seem lighter compared to the Greek plight. And all this was done with the encouragement and urging and rallying of the Papandreou administration for at least five (5) consecutive months ( see doc. 37 ).

This led to him arbitrarily and without even lawfully / properly passing his decision from Parliament inviting the IMF and the Troika to literally take over Greece against all articles in the Constitution and against the sum of the public will ( see doc. 38 ).

On May 5th 2010 his administration voted for the notorious Memorandum, an agreement between the government and foreign organizations and States where for a sum of money that actually was never invested in the real economy but instead was used only for private bank collateral, declared an irrevocable, as claimed, waiver of any defense and protection of Greece and the Greek People from debtors, even if these debtors demand or cause the territorial reduction of Greece or complete loss of all infrastructure control including loss of Greece's Right to self-defense in the occasion of war or assorted armed aggression against it since it is clearly stated in the Memorandum that in case of financial inability to comply to any and every Memorandum terms we, Greeks, forfeit the sum of our arms and defense systems to the hands of anyone the debtors deem suitable without any Right to oppose this in order to protect the Greek People ( see doc. 39 ).

That is to say that Papandreou and his administration have single handedly and arbitrarily, with the complicity of Parliament and the President of the Republic, revoked all capacities of an independent State with self-determination, equal Rights and global Sovereign Equality of Greece globally and furthermore has tried to make extra sure that his dictatorial and treasonous act will be as permanent as possible.

Along with the complete breach of Article 2 ( paragraphs 1 & 4 ) and Article 55 of the UN Charter, within this Memorandum all the Human Rights and Civil Freedoms and protection of the Greek People have been revoked rendering them in all manners subjugate and enslaved to the whims and will of other States and members of the UN as well as the EU, with no Right afforded to a Free People such as legal protection, Sovereign protection, and all manners of the UN Charters Responsibility to Protect ( especially Principle 1 and Principle 2 ) ( see doc. 39 ).

Even a casual read - through of the Memorandum text reveals the willful and almost shockingly complicit knowledge and determination in advance to lead the Greek Population to mass destitution, inability to access basic amenities and goods for sustenance and survival, and the rendering of a second or even third priority of that survival ( well being is out of the question ) and considering openly and blatantly as number one priority the preservation / serving / protection of the international and domestic banking system and the foreign debtors, be they natural persons or legal entities.

However, in no way was he ever bound or obliged to engage in any sort of procedure that would inexorably lead to the utter destitution of the People of the Country he governs and to Whom he has sworn allegiance and obedience according to the Constitution. Further, International Law and International Human Rights Law clearly stipulate that if servicing any sort of debt forces a Country to render its Citizens paupers, close schools and hospitals, and endanger public life, health and longevity / procreation then this Country is obliged not to service these debts. There is also such a concept as illegitimate / odious debt that should not be served / paid especially if loans and other contraction processes enforce breaches of Human Rights. The definition of odious debt fits the conditions currently existing in Greece especially aggravated by the handling of these situations by Papandreou's current governance while he had every means in his disposal to protect the People from the conditions that he has condemned them to live in and instead agreed and consented to enable the rip-off and extreme profiteering by domestic and foreign nationals based on products of unlawful and inhumane activity ( see doc. 40 ).

Therefore, G.A.Papandreou had every means, legal and actual to avoid what he audaciously and completely unfoundedly characterizes as "a one way street / the only way available", that is to say, he had every means to avoid forfeiting Greece's Sovereignty, self - determination and capacity to protect the Greek People from experiencing complete desolation, denial of a welfare state, a state of justice, a sense of security, access to basic means of sustenance, free education and medicare, let alone allowing Greece and the Greek People to be slandered, punished, vilified and demonized as the scourge and plague of Europe at extreme disrespect to Greece's History and cultural contribution to the world.

He himself publicly stated as much, several times, admitting to his consistent and gross breaching of the Constitution to the point of completely annulling it with such quotes as the one stated in the Greek Sunday paper "Elefterotypia" on 7/12/2010 where he said "I see no reason why our constitution should stand in the way of something very logical that holds in many other countries". Letting aside his blatant lying about other Countries forfeiting their Sovereignty because foreign constitutions divert from theirs, he does admit to having no compunctions in breaching what he has sworn to uphold in order to serve foreign individuals and entities at the expense of the Greek People and Greece. To this he continues making public assurances of enforcing the will and interests of the debtors "at any cost and regardless of the clear lack of support and outcry / decry of the Greek society".

He also displays the same callus indifference and cold determination to breach the sum of the Greek People's Human Rights for the exact same service to foreign entities and the assurance not just of the survival but the maximization of profit of the banks ( see doc. 39 ).

Therefore, as dictated in the Memorandum but also of his own initiative and accord, he has enforced inelastic and non-analogical taxation onto all the Population, with the exception of specific social groups such as big corporate owners already liable to the State and owing staggeringly high sums of money, MPs, bankers and NGO owners as well as those related to them. Not only has he steered away from demanding what is already owed and which could carry almost the sum of the Greek debt but he has been officially shown to fund with obscure methods such recipients with tax payers' money ( see doc. 41 ). Instances and evidence of such obscene squandering of tax-payers money while so severe cutbacks and taxes are being implemented are several and staggering and we shall subsequently provide the Court with further evidence of such incidents in the immediate future to further illustrate the fact that Papandreou's administration is indeed spending great amounts of funds exacted with one of the cruelest austerity measure packs in modern European History if not Global History, effectively redistributing wealth by sapping the Greek People in order to further the already mythical fortunes of himself, his family, his friends and associates.

His legislations are in breach of several articles of the Human Rights Covenant such as article 17, article 15, articles 4, 7, 8, 9, 24 and 26 ( Convention Protocols ECHR / ����� ) rendering Greeks, as already mentioned, seeking sustenance in the sidewalk garbage cans and living in complete destitution or quickly reaching that state, a situation of which we too are victim.

We have to stress that the whole reasoning of the Memorandum and its goal is NOT the survival of the Greek economy or the Greeks or Greece but the complete and full protection of bank profits and debtor revenue to which an entire People not culpable of the financial administration and not having chosen or been aware or been informed of any such management that led to this condition ( since to this day access to such information is not possible to civilians ) is being sacrificed in the most dictatorial and medieval manner and in breach of all notions of International Law and Justice.

Papandreou's actions are not in any way justifiable since even his superficial claim in the mass media that he is trying to avoid state bankruptcy cannot hold considering that it has been expressly stated that when paying off a debt means and causes sacrifice beyond logic or Humanity for the People that affect directly the founding obligations of a State to its Citizens, then that State can legally refuse to pay, an officially -adopted position by the International Law UN Committee in 1980 and further supported by the Human Rights Council Resolution of the 23rd of June 2010. Also, several renowned economists and professors / experts in economic sciences clearly state that further austerity measures in an economy that is already in recession is catastrophic for this economy and ensures the breaking down of society while public debt and deficit are minimally improved, if at all, and only for a short period of time before skyrocketing again. This result has continually been manifested with the revenue from the extreme and inhumane austerity measures being "eaten up" by the recession 'forcing' the government to demand even more, even harsher, even crueler ones of the Greeks in a never ending vicious circle of extermination ( see doc. 42 ).

All of the above attest to Papandreou's obvious intent and willful victimization of the sum of the Greek People while displaying extreme cruelty and anti-social inhumane conduct. This becomes especially pungent and stark when taking into account the official statement of executives within the Hellenic Statistics Agency ( ELSTAT / ������ ) who have said that Papandreou's administration intentionally tampered with the statistics to blow up the deficit percentage and be able to launch the propaganda and verbal / psychological terrorism with which he has been ruling these past two years ( see doc. 22 and doc. 23 ).

And we cannot but describe his statements and proclamations as psychological violence and terrorism because he has been presenting the Greek People with vague but sensationalist dilemmas of the type "either change or sink", "either change or be utterly destroyed", "either accept loss of sovereignty or starve" in order to twist the Greek People's arm into not literally revolting. He also employs the same kind of dramatic sensationalism with quotes such as "you will bleed", "we have war", "opposition destroys Greece", "anyone resisting loss of sovereignty and human rights is not a patriot", "demonstrations are acts of terrorism", and so on, as is easily seen in several if not all public appearances and statements of G.A. Papandreou and his cabinets in domestic and foreign press when the content is addressed to the Greeks ( see doc. 43 ).

In tandem with this extremely traumatic, absolutist and dictatorial rule that never employs any factual data or other substantiation / information but requires blind submission to his rulings unfit for a Free People and a State of Democracy, he has authorized extreme policing and the use of extensive police violence, brutality and chemical warfare.

Ever since the manifestation of G.A.Papandreou's determination to not only apply the exact opposite policy to what he had bounded himself in order to gain the People's Vote and Mandate, but go on a literal spree of extermination of the sum of the Greek Population in terms of finances, health care, work, pensions pre-paid by the people and sustenance, there have been several massive demonstrations in Athens and other major Greek cities with hundreds of thousands of protesters at a time demanding either that the government apply what it was authorized to apply or that a Referendum or elections are held about the situation in Greece and how the People want it to be handled, as should be done in a Democratic State of a Free People. Such were the demonstrations, so many and massive with so many protesters that one can safely say that, in some millions, Greeks have opposed the current government and administration, especially if we factor in the great demonstrations of May 2010 as well as the continuous demonstration by the Greek People under the non party banner of the "Indignants / Aganaktismenoi" ( doc. 44 ).

The People have also demanded, and are still demanding, a full investigation of all governmental activity of at least the administrations of the past 10 years, charges be pressed and compensation be demanded by all found culpable of embezzling or squandering of tax payers money and international loans and other State income, by judiciary officials and prosecutors and not by those already under suspicion or confirmed to be central or part of assorted scandals.

This, the government has steadfastedly and stubbornly refused to even examine and instead has either flat out denied the People the Right to Justice or has paid lip service to it by assigning investigatory committees made up of colleagues and close associates of individuals ( MPs and ex-ministers ) found to have engaged in unlawful activity that has led the People to this abject and dire position, all of whom have extended protection to those accused and refused to bring them to stand even pre-trial investigation by prosecutors, let alone stand proper trial under due process ( see doc. 45 ).

Instead, to force compliance from the Greek People the Papandreou administration has authorized riot police to be extremely violent, provocative and aggressive, virtually impossible to identify individuals deployed in anti-riot gear against peaceful protesters ( not only are their faces hidden during police brutality, they also customarily do not have any officer reference numbers so that they can be identified and charged by their victims ), which is against Greek police regulations. There have been several serious injuries and maimings as well as attacks by riot police when the protesters are not being violent. Riot police they have no qualms or compunctions attacking even children, the elderly and the disabled with intent to terrorize or injure. Even members of the press taping the protests are targeted with the same malice and have their equipment destroyed and themselves heavily injured with the stellar examples of Manolis Kypraios, a reporter who was made deaf in both ears for life, and Yiannis Kafkas who was landed in ICU due to blunt force trauma in the head from riot police attacks. Such is the level of police brutality that international figures such as Noam Chomsky, Immanuel Wallerstein, etc have signed a petition to stop the "brutal repression of political dissent in Greece" and report even more serious casualties such as professor Angeliki Koutsoumbou who was seriously injured when Delta police officers rammed her with their motorcycles during a demonstration. And a nearly fatal attack of a female American writer and activist beaten to unconsciousness with a blunt object and then kicked and beaten repeatedly in the head, neck and back and abdomen by several police officers resulting in skull fracturing and permanent inner ear damage. Amnesty International issued a report on the police brutality in Greece and countless are the pictures and footage from such practices ( see doc. 46 ).

Stellar cases in point of the attitude and orders of riot police are the gassing at nearly point blank in the face of elderly Manolis Glezos, a famous Greek resistance against the Nazi's hero whose likeness is very widely known to all Greeks not only due to his being a great historical figure ( he, along with A. Santas, tore down the Nazi flag from the Acropolis in 1941 Nazi occupied Greece, heralding the onset of Greek Resistance ) but also a prominent politician of left wing. He was transported to the hospital and miraculously survived. Another such case in point is the behaviour of riot police in Keratea, Attikis, a suburban area where its inhabitants opposed the construction of a garbage dump site in the archaeological area of Ovriokastro. Not only is such a garbage dump site going to be rendered illegal by 2012 according to EU regulations, but the area is an archaeological site also characterized as an area of extreme beauty. The Citizens in Keratea thus opposed this construction and offered other alternatives officially to the government. Instead of any other response, the machines of the private contractor assigned the job entered the area escorted by abundant riot police who, at the protests and demonstrations of the Citizens started not only beating on them and terrorizing them but also destroying the Citizen's property and barging in to houses as violently as possible. This had the result of a pregnant woman miscarrying and several other Citizens suffering injuries from light to severe. It has to be pointed out that the Citizens had filed a court injunction opposing the construction stating their reasons, and which they had won and which was ignored and breached by orders of the government that sent the riot police in to enforce beginning of construction regardless. The order of the prosecutor for the contractor's machines to be removed was not only never obeyed but riot police stayed there to guard them and while they stayed they kept terrorizing, attacking and destroying.

In the end the Citizens of Keratea won in court but the riot police withdrew only when the whole history and accounts of Keratea broke through the radio silence enforced by the mainstream mass media and the rest of the Greeks realized that for no less than five months, their fellow-Citizens had been living in a state of war. Even now Citizens of Keratea need to be on the alert for any illegal activity by the contractor with the support of the riot police and the government in the area. The reason for this is that the contract is worth a few million euro and will be void the moment 2012 rolls in, hence the extreme violence and urgency by the government to enforce this illegality, among other similar reasons. To give further insight into the matter, members of the board of trustees of the contractor company are said to be within the closest advisors / associates of George Papaconstantinou who was formerly minister of finances and currently minister of environmental affairs in the Papandreou cabinets. Also, eurobank owns, according to reports, a large part of the shares of the contractor company. To this several Citizens of Keratea can attest ( see doc. 47 ).

We have also been heavily gassed and manhandled despite the fact that our identification was prominent and we clearly stated we were not violent, two elements that according to Greek Law then forbid the police to obstruct or touch us. Hits with their plastic shields and heavy shoving into other people while gassing us has also occurred many times, while afterwards we had no access to medical help because of hospital understaffing.

All major demonstrations, the case of Keratea aside, had such victims, beginning with the victims of Marfin bank, in May 5th 2010, employees locked into a building without any safety specifications according to Law who were killed in a fire caused by molotov bombs thrown by individuals not part of the, in all accounts, peaceful demonstration ( as attested to by demonstrators and evident in the related footage ) who then disappeared. The government blamed the Greek People for these deaths and used them to vilify all demonstrations from then on to the point of threatening to officially forbid the Greek People from the Right to demonstrate even if peaceful.

At this point we need to underline that these bank employees were blackmailed into going to work in the middle of a giant demonstration under threat of being fired, were locked in and the building had no capacity to withstand fire, and did not have any of the required window railings. All the other banks downtown did not operate that day since the demonstration had been pre-announced. The day was extremely important because it was the day of the voting of the Memorandum law, which the sum of the Greek People opposed and wanted a Referendum instead, since the government had no authorization to virtually tear down the Country's Sovereign Rights and Protections. The fire experts report clearly shows that the building was in breach of all basic protections required by Greek Law against fire and not even the shutters were closed to avoid projectiles from breaking the glass. The fire occurred while there was no upheaval amongst the protesters who did rush to help as stated by reporters on the site ( but not by celebrity anchormen reporters in the television news bulletins ). Further, the only door of the building was locked and the one fire exit also sealed and unusable. To this day the owner of the bank who is also liable and responsible for the safety of his employees remains untouched by Law ( see doc. 48 ).

Ever since, all demonstrations have been vilified and heavy police forces seek to disperse protesters before they even launch their demonstration, and every method used is protected by the government and tagged as 'security measures' when in fact they are exacted on people already proclaiming their peaceful non-destructive intent.

Lately, there has also been a reveal that individuals like the ones that torched marfin bank and who also in groups of an average of 50 or so vandalize public property during demonstrations and throw stones at riot police to provoke them ( always where there is a solid body of peaceful demonstrators behind them ) are either police collaborators or undercover policemen who engage in this behaviours so that riot police can gas, attack and disperse the protesters ( they customarily do not attempt to catch or apprehend these particularly violent individuals and instead focus on the protesters, often scandalously turning their backs on the violent individuals to focus on dispersing the demonstration ), with photographic evidence and video footage attesting to the close co-operation of these individuals with the riot police ( see doc. 49 ).

We too have attempted to identify such individuals, while participating peacefully in the demonstration of 2/23/2011, and were shocked to find out that they are often not even Greek but actually offspring or young immigrants ( usually illegal ) with a high anti-hellenic aggressive rhetoric and full intent to harm and disrupt the efforts of the Greeks to protect their Human and Civil Rights. This we have reported to the police but not only has there been no response or any kind of desire to investigate and isolate these people but we have been subject to several determent methods, including being threatened with arrest for asking too many questions ( see doc. 50 ).

Especially in the case of illegal immigrants, apart from the inhumane and illogical handling of those entering the Country illegally, police in essence protect this form of human trafficking and illegal trade which has completely destroyed the economy and has rendered the businesses of Greek People and legal immigrants unviable, several areas and neighborhoods of Athens and other cities extremely dangerous ghettos where mafia-like gangs of illegal immigrants terrorize and engage in extreme criminal behavior, thus making every notion of Human Rights disappear, every notion of protection of Citizens non-existent and every appeal to the police to do something about it incurring threats of being accused of racism (!) to being especially targeted by these gangs in retaliation and according to our personal experience by the police itself. This has forced Greek People and legal immigrants to abandon their homes or live in a state of constant terrorism and hostage situations ( see doc. 51 and doc. 52 ).

To this the government answers by withdrawing more police in order to instead guard the administration ( the PM and the cabinet ), to keep civilians booing them off cameras or as out of range as possible since in their desperation at being denied any sort of legal defense or capacity to exercise their Civil Freedoms, civilians tend to manifest their outcry / decry further by pelting them with yogurt, eggs, and tomatoes, shouting accusations in chorus ranging from "thieves" to "shameless cads" and generally seeking to chase them away from the area as personae non gratae wherever they happen to see and recognize them ( see doc. 53 ).

Threats made against civilians against their life and property or crimes committed against these are never dealt with pre-emptively and after the fact they are either dealt with extreme tardiness or not dealt with at all or dealt with little effectiveness. Case in point is the assassination of the reporter Giolias who was gunned down in front of his house. Currently civilians are being terrorized by the so-called "burglars with Kalashnikovs" who supposedly barge into homes with these weapons, rape and rob everyone inside and by similar gangs and / or criminal elements. We personally have been receiving threats against our lives for our research and activism via legal means, and when we reported this to the police they simply claimed being understaffed and not inclined to do anything until we were at least killed. They also added that since we are not important Citizens ( i.e. politicians, members of the cabinet or family to them or otherwise famous or rich individuals ) we were not entitled to have our lives protected. Not only us but every Citizen without the tag 'important' which we already described the qualifiers of, is literally unprotected. Also, we had no real capacity to even sue those threatening us since we had no financial means to pay the fee for filing charges ( see 54 ).

To this day we owe our lives to having publicized these incidents, having assorted fellow Citizens check on us of their own accord, and to Providence.

All these offenses aside, especially the past year with a crescendo during the past three or four months, the government has been issuing arbitrary, unconstitutional and staggeringly high tax demands that have no relevance not only to real income but to standard taxation laws that forbid being taxed more than once for the same thing, forbid retroactive taxation ( taxation with new laws for income gained before these laws were issued ), lowering the tax free threshold to well below the European poverty line and retroactively demanding taxes from already impoverished people, cutting benefits to poor households and now demanding some of these illegal taxes ( tax on already taxed properties for the third time ) to be paid via the electricity bill or suffer loss of electricity even if the electricity itself has been paid in complete disregard for even the EU demand for taxes not be exacted through blackmail of denying vital services or access to goods not related with the tax demanded. Also, they have openly displayed and declared complete disregard for the general impoverishment of the Citizens to the point of being unable to pay for food, solely because of taxation well exceeding 60% of income and often touching 90 or 100% or more of each household's income. It is also a reported fact that a very high percentage of Greek Citizens live in darkness and don't have access to electricity in their homes because they don't have the money to pay the electricity bill as is, before the extra property tax was added to the utility bill ( see doc. 33 ).

Especially for Citizens with children, or even worse for those with more than three children, an odd sort of punishment is exacted since not only their benefit as large families has been cut but also taxation is heavier for them and they are not exempt from any of the new double or triple taxes on things they have already been taxed for ( see doc. 55 ).

Also, the health care system has been crippled, when it was already dwindling, with hospitals not having the capacity to pay for medical supplies ( there have been several occasions of big Athenian hospitals and hospitals in other areas not having proper sutures, bandages or medication for emergency for the E.R. and extreme trouble catering to all the other cases and departments ), not having adequate nursing or doctor staff, not having the doctor specialty necessary for treatment of acute cases ( this has at times resulted in deaths that could have been easily averted ) and now areas of Greece are denied the already existing hospitals because of mergers forced by the government to cut costs but which, according to the medical and nurse associations in Greece, are not designed to be functional or non-harming and are going to result to vast portions of the Greek People being unable to have access to medical care. Also, public medical services are not free anymore, in breach with our Constitution and Human Rights, despite the Greek People having already funded them through their taxes, since now every Greek Citizen is required to pay an entry fee of 5 euros ( which is not only arbitrary but also subject to arbitrary change ) or medical services denied. Considering that now there are incomes as low as 300 euro per month, this 5 euro fee is equal to 1.7% of their monthly income which they will need to pay every time they visit the hospital, medication and extras ( such as x-rays and tetanus shots / emergency serums ) aside. At the same time, however, illegal immigrants and all kinds of non nationals are exempt from this and often all medicare costs ( operations, procedures, doctors' fees, etc ) are free and instead charged to the Welfare Funds of paying Greeks and legal immigrants who are denied the same treatment.

Pensioners have been denied coverage of their medication for which they paid during their working years and now often have to make a choice between eating and paying for their medicine because they cannot do both ( see doc. 56 ).

Workers, employees, and the self employed Greeks that have been paying to the State for their social insurance fund but now, because of this financial onslaught, are unable to meet exorbitantly high payments are not only left without any health and / or pension coverage, but also denied the right to work legally and denied access to their money the Insurance Fund has already amassed in their name, even though if they don't somehow manage to resume payment ( which they cannot since they cannot work properly ) they are not going to have a right to any pension and their money ( for medicare and pension ) will be withheld and lost. In the end they also may face prosecution, like we have been, despite twenty-eight years' worth of payment for one of us.

In terms of education, the present administration has all but officially denied it if Citizens are unable to pay for private schools, since not only are schools understaffed but also lack books and any sort of funding, thus having parents needing to pay for what Constitutionally has been guaranteed to be free. Photocopies and CD roms and internet downloads of the books have been made available theoretically but not all families have means to access them and many schools have declared they don't have the means to procure the bulk of photocopying required. Also, considering the high risk of households being unable to pay the electricity bill, especially now with the new property tax incorporated in it, it isn't certain that especially low-income family children will retain use of their appliances even if they do have computers to access the internet or use the CD rom.

Schools, like hospitals are being merged or shut down so that youngsters in some areas need to move to cities to have access to them or otherwise need to commute long distances, with all the costs and dangers that entails. This greatly hampers the capacity for the Greek Population to educate their children and blows the cost up since they need to make up for the problems of governmental policy. Thus, it is a matter of time before a segment of the Greek Population does not attend school ( see doc. 57 ).

Considering, that although illegal, the state encourages youths as young as 15 years old to enter the workforce as bread winners, one can readily see the organized degradation of Greek society and the abuse towards parents and children.

In fact, as already mentioned above, in June 2011 Your own UN expert expressed clear concern that the Human Rights of the Greeks were being in danger of being seriously breached just by looking briefly into the austerity measures and without an on-site / in vivo examination of actual living conditions and cost of life compared to average income per capita which, by the way, in June 2011 was about 30% higher than it is now, after additional cutbacks and it is highly likely that by the time You read this, taking into account the government announcements for even more reductions in wages and pensions as well as mass lay-offs of at least tens of thousands as announced for the year 2012, average income will be even less or null accosted by absolutely no reduction ( rather a steady pattern of disproportionate rate of increase ) in the cost of living.


Given all of the above true and irrefutable accounts and presentations of G.A. Papandreou's administration in its current term of office, we are compelled to appeal to You for his and his cabinet's indictment so that he may stand trial since it is impossible for it to occur within Greece no matter how many Citizens file charges at the domestic courts for the crimes of :

  1. crimes against Humanity as described in Article 7 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court :

    1. Under governmental policy and as described herein there has been and is still taking place persecution on the basis of nationality and culture against the Greek People to the point of such destitution as rendering people unable to provide sustenance for themselves and their families and thus being led in no uncertain terms to extermination by famine and exposure to the elements as well as insufficient access to medical services and medication.

    2. Several inhumane acts of extreme punishment and pre-announced cruelty for the crime of simply being Greek and being unable to bring to Justice officials who have ensured immunity from any and every act, by not only the government but by international mass media propaganda which leads Greeks to committing suicide and extreme mass depression which also leads to dramatic shortening of life expectancy and puts them at risk for damaged health for which they have insufficient access to health services.

    3. Forcible transfer of Population in the form of extremely coercive acts forcing Greeks to migrate because of inability to literally survive with the conditions imposed arbitrarily and not by necessity on the sum of society together with official and viral propaganda to force Greeks to leave Greece ( see doc. 58 ).

    4. Attack and Persecution, with the intentional and severe deprivation of the fundamental Rights of the Greeks, by reason of their identity as Greeks and thus liable to be punished with extreme destitution due to the government's initial propaganda of the Greeks being in sum corrupt, embezzlers, and the scourge of Europe's People since all problems with international economy are arbitrarily heaped on them, not unlike it was done to German and then European Jews with the same reasoning in the propaganda of the late 1930's.

  1. Genocide as delineated in Article 6 of the Rome Statute of International Criminal Court :

    1. Governmental policy willfully enforces genocide in the form of causing serious bodily, psychological and mental harm to the national group of the Greeks by imbuing them with desperation and a feeling of helplessness and defenselessness leading to severe depression and an alarmingly high rate of suicide directly linked to governmental policies enforced.

    2. Deliberately there has been infliction on the Greeks of conditions of life calculated to bring about their physical destruction in whole and in part by way of extremely dangerous chemicals sprayed against them during protests in extremely high amounts, extremely bad health care, a lack of sufficient means of sustenance and basic Human needs, denial of means to work and denial of proper remuneration for any work rendered, and a vast and wide degradation of daily living well below the poverty level with staggeringly high stress levels and fear for and of the future ( see doc. 59 ).

    3. Measures imposed are in the government's knowledge designed and bringing about prevention of births among the Greeks as well as extremely dire conditions of living for all minors already existing in Greek families, because the abject financial conditions of destitution and extreme instability of work and planning conditions force couples not to marry and married couples not to go on with having children and even aborting unplanned pregnancies, because of the very real condition of being unable to care for and cover expenses for even one child. Some even resort to entrusting their child to philanthropic establishments such as the children villages 'SOS' as previously mentioned. Also, conditions for children are progressively becoming from bad to dangerous because not only do they have limited access to proper education and health care, they are also forced to contribute to family income. They are also terrorized into being told they have no future except one of extreme destitution and inhumane work conditions regardless of their qualifications, abilities and efforts, especially via state propaganda and mainstream mass media.

At this time nothing in state policy shows any substantial desire to rectify even a fraction of these offenses and instead G.A.Papandreou's administration manifests exceptional zeal in catering to the whims and psychological coddling of non-nationals and other countries at the expense of the physical and mental well being and survival of the People he has sworn to serve and protect, while his own person and the members of his cabinet as well as the MPs and all those related to them ( party members, family members and business associates ) are not only protected from any real threat to their well being but also live in extreme affluence and general protection from the law and legislations the Greek People are subject to.


GIVEN the verifiable truth of all of the above

GIVEN the irrefutable proof provided and continually being supplemented with even worse and even direr examples of the above offenses

GIVEN the inability of Justice to be served within Greece in any way and the sheer inaccessibility to Justice by the majority of the Greek Population

GIVEN the urgency and the extreme harm being inflicted on the Greek People without any capacity of protection or self-defense

GIVEN the continuous and successive breach of the Greek Constitution, the Rome Statute of the ICC, the UN Charter and the Human Rights Covenants

We solemnly REQUEST

That Your Court investigate and bring to Justice the aforementioned accused G.A.Papandreou and his assorted cabinets, associates and partners and any other individual assisting and cultivating this mass destruction that we Greeks are being unlawfully and against all our Civil Rights and Freedoms subjected to in the most totalitarian, dictatorial and inhumane abjection.

That they be arrested in their activities as usurpers, be punished for their crimes against Humanity and genocide in the face of the Greek People and be forced to compensate on a National and individual level, to the degree that is Humanly possible in the face of such destruction, the Greek People and any People and individual harmed in any way by their activities.

That we are compensated for the impact of these crimes on our persons and protected during the course of the investigation so that we don't face indirect or direct annihilation and further prosecution due to our appeal to You.

That the basic Human Rights of the Greek People are protected for the course of the investigation and all governmental policy leading to destitution and degradation be halted and suspended so that the Greek People are protected from irrevocable damages to their life and general state of being.

That the Greek People are given the Right to self-determination back so that they may vote via Referendum about all the policies affecting daily living and international / foreign policies, be they financial or of any other nature.

To the above we reserve the Right and obligation to keep supplementing the Court and the Prosecutor with additional evidence and data as to the truth and severity of our claims and remain at the disposal of the Court for any and every assistance and testimony.

Athens, 11th October 2011

Olga G. Yeritsidou Tanya - Maria Geritsidou


LIST OF SUPPORTING EVIDENCE IN THE FORM OF DOCUMENTS ( written and audiovisual evidence )

Please note that for Your convenience we have sought to provide as much of the documentation as possible in English. However, because of lack of resources to translate the sheer staggeringly big amount of evidence from Greek to English and because of the great damage that is happening to the Greek People each day we tarry and lest we fail to deliver this appeal to You, we have still provided what we couldn't translate in English in its original Greek and will in the course of the following weeks keep sending You both new evidence and translations of what is being currently presented to You for as long as we still are able and not obstructed by the extremely adverse circumstances here.

For Your convenience in the following list we have provided a short description of each piece of evidence and remain at Your disposal for any assistance You deem necessary.

  1. doc. 1 : a. the original ( Greek ) text of Declaration - Protest and

Invitation for Amendment served on 6/26/2008.

b. the original ( translation to English ) text of Declaration -

Protest and Invitation for Amendment served on 6/26/2008.

  1. doc. 2 : simple scans of the receipts of the act of serving the Declaration - Protest and Invitation for Amendment with the original Greek text to :

    1. the then PM,and other State Officials, namely

    2. the President of the Hellenic Republic,

    3. the President of the Council of State

    4. the President of the Court of Audit (Elegktiko Synedrio),

    5. the District Attorney in Athens,
  2. doc. 3 : letter by the Private Office of the President of the Democracy dated 9/18/2008 and its English translation.
  3. doc. 4 : five sample articles of news reports of PASOK MPs that were expelled from the party because they voted against their political party leader's, G.A. Papandreou's, orders. Please note that these occurrences are not singular and are presented as examples of a general practice that is applied by all political parties within Parliament and is considered a general standing reality in Greece :
    1. �������� ������, �������� ��� ��������� ��� �� ������ / "Removal / Expulsion of Dimara, Sakorafa and Oikonomou from PASOK"

    2. �������� - ������� - ��������� ���������� �� �������� ����� / "Sakorafa - Dimaras - Oikonomou commenting on their removal /expulsion".

    3. �������� ��� ��� ���������� ���� �������� ������������� / "Removal / Expulsion for Kouroumblis after his saying "no" to the mid-term fiscal plan"

    4. ���. �����������: ��� ������ �� ������������ ��� ���������� ��� ������� ���� / " Al. Athanasiadis: I will not vote for the mid-term fiscal plan and I assume my responsibilities"

    5. ������� ��� �� ������� �� ������������ ��������� ����������� ��� ������� � ������ ����������� � / "Alekos Athanasiadis accuses that he received threats for him to vote themid-term fiscal plan"

    6. �����: 155 '���' ��� ������������, '���' ������� 138 ��������� ��� ����� ������� '�����'� / "Parliament: 155 'Yes' to the Mid-term Fiscal Plan, 'No' voted 138 Mps and five said 'present'".

  4. doc. 5 : a) simple photocopies of the High Treason law suit text and

b) supportive note submitted upon demand of the Prosecutor

against former PM K. Karamanlis and assorted officials.

  1. doc. 6 : simple photocopy and translation of certification of the status of the law suit of High Treason against former PM Karamanlis and assorted officials.

  2. doc. 7 : simple photocopy and translation of the written inquiry following the incident with filing number 63574 and date 9/19/2008.

  3. doc. 8 : simple photocopy and translation of certification of the office of the prosecutor about the status of the High Treason law suit against the former PM K. Karamanlis.

  4. doc. 9 : simple photocopy of our court injunction document with notes at the margins by assorted judges and by the plaintiff.

  5. doc. 10 : nine sample articles announcing that the public insurance funds are mysteriously devoid of money and cannot cover pensions or offer full health care, namely :

    1. ����� �� ������/ " the two biggest insurance funds of the country IKA and OAEE can't pay the pensions of the upcoming months", September 2009.

    2. ���� ����� ��� ������ ��� �� ����� ����������� ������� / " new taxes in the works for the empty insurances funds", ...

    3. � �� ����������� ������ ����� ����� / " the insurance funds are empty", 20-5-2011

    4. ���������� ����� ������ ������� �������� ���������� : ��� ���� �� ���������� ��������� �� ����������� ��� ������� ������;� / press release by SYRIZA, question by MP Kritsotakis: " until when will employees of the Erricos Dynan Hospital remain unpaid?", 3-10-2011

    5. ������ ��������� �� ������� �� ������������ ������� / "without health coverage will stay most Greeks", 19-11-2008

    6. � �� ����������� ������ ������ 513 ��� ������� ��� ��� ��� �� ����� ��� 1999 ����� �� ����� ��� 2000� / "the insurance funds lost 513 billion drachmas in Athens stock exchange from the end of 1999 to the end of 2000", 29-7-2011

    7. ��������� ����������� ������ � �������� ����� ���������� ������ ���� '����������' ������ ����������� , ������� ����������, ������� ��������� ��� ����� ��������� / "the working class family is experiencing tragic situations" Alecos Arvanitidis, Christos Papazoglou, Yiannis Kavalaris and Haris Hourdakis speak to 'Rizospastis', March 2011

    8. �������� ��������� �� ���������� -�������� ����, ������� ����, ��������� �������� ��� ��������� / "severe cutbacks on funding for orthopedic - corrective products, prosthetic members, wheel chairs and orthopedic pillows", 10-6-2011

    9. ��������� 500 ������������ ���� ��� ��� ������ ��� ������� �������� / "bloodletting of 500 million euro from the pockets of the Greek patients", 19-6-2011

  6. doc. 11 :
    1. simple photocopies of my extra report to the President of the Board for District Court Administration explaining how my court injunction regarding basic Human Rights of survival was refused to be examined immediately due to the nature of the danger involved and official reply ignoring the fact that Human Rights of physical survival were at stake and invocation of lack of jurisdiction. ( the original Greek text )

    2. Translation to English of the above

  7. doc. 12 : simple photocopy of the final ruling regarding the court injunction where the judge refuses to rule on the remaining issue of the breach of Human Rights in my person.
  8. doc. 13 : sample of press articles of PASOK's pre-election campaign's mottos :
    1. ���������� ��� ������������ ��������� ��� ����� ��� ��� ������� ������� 2009 ��� ��� ����� ���������� / "presentation of the pre-elective campaign of PASOK for the National elections of 2009 by Pavlos Geroulanos"

    2. PASOK elections 2009 pre-election campaign TV spots, speach snippets and footage with binding promises about their program

  9. doc. 14. : simple photocopy of our court injunction requesting that the PM Papandreou be obliged to provide answers to the three official letters send to him by us, with full description of the letters' proof of sending and / or filing. ( the original Greek text )
  10. doc. 15 :
    1. simple photocopy of PM Papandreou's objections to the court injunction text where he claims to be above the Law and the Human Right of access to vital information for Citizens' daily living and future. ( the original Greek text )

    2. Simple photocopy of our note to counter argue PM Papandreou's objections to the injunction text where we refute the PM's premises based on basic, primary Laws and common sense since he did tried to claim among other things that our requests for information were not requests for information (!) . ( the original Greek text )

  11. doc. 16 : simple photocopy of the judge's ruling of the court injunction case against PM Papandreou. ( the original Greek text )
  12. doc. 17 :
    1. copy of the translation to English of our law suit with charges of High Treason against the PM Papandreou and his cabinet and

    2. simple copy of the original Greek text with list of corroborating evidence.

  13. doc. 18 : list of names of Citizens that have filed law suits charging the current Parliament, MPs and PM for High Treason and ID numbers (ABM) of their law suits where they were accessible, namely :
    1. Dr. Dimitris Antoniou, charges of High Treason against the MPs of the Greek Parliament and against the IMF, ID/ (ABM) �� 2010/19473/15-10-2010,

    2. Constantinos Mylonas and Christina Salemis, law suit of High Treason against the 5th Greek Parliament, filed in the Chalkida Prosecutor's Office with filing number 2454/11-5-2011,

    3. Christina Salemi, law suit of High Treason against PM Papandreou, filed on 20-6-2011

    4. George Grybogiannis, complaint and charge on High Treason ID / (ABM) 2011/3306 filed concurrently in the Prosecutor's Office of Marathon and the Prosecutor's Office of Areios Pagos.

  14. doc. 19 : sample of assorted law suits against the government for a range of inhumane and non-constitutional rulings / laws, as accessible since acquiring the texts is not always feasible, namely :
    1. Lawyers Association of Athens (���), file against the new tax on occupation of self-employed and entrepreneur nature

    2. Ioannis Siatras, law suit against all members responsible on breach of duty, fraudulent certification, fraud, perfidy and all other punishable acts ( against the government and parliament ), filed in the Athens Prosecutor's Office on February 22nd, 2010

    3. Stefania Lygerou, complaints against the government on charges of breach of duty, filed in Peraous' Prosecutor's Office with filing numbers 11792/18-10-2010, 11791/18-10-2010, 513/6-4-2011, 3429/18-3-2011, and ID / (ABM ) M11-116.

    4. Pavlos Altini, complaint against George Papandreou regarding Akis Chohatzopoulos on 25-2-2011 in Florina.

    5. Revecca Korovila, complaint - law suit against G.A. Papandreou and all responsible regarding the exploitation of Greek underground in Florina on 25-2-2011.

    6. Ioannis Mytaloulis, law suit against former PM K. Karamanlis for harbouring criminal acts, filed on 5-5-2011 in the Athens' Prosecutor's Office.

  15. doc. 20 : sample of assorted scandals involving gross criminal behaviour of government and PMs and affiliates that have been protected from prosecution because of governmental protection, namely :
    1. ������� ��������� � ��������������: ��������� -��������� / "Tsochazopoulos cracks champagne: scandalous barring of offenses", 29-7-2011

    2. ����� ������������ �� �� ����������- �� ��� ��������� � ��������������� / "a scandal of millions regarding the hovercrafts - here is how Tsohatzopoulos hit the jackpot", 21-6-2010

    3. �������� �� ��� ���� ���������� ��� ����� ��� �������������� 8 ����������� ����� / "in just a single account of Tsochatzopoulos' daughter were found 8 million euro", 20-6-2010

    4. ����� ����� �������� - ����������/ "Mandelis - Tsoukatos out of PASOK", 19-6-2008

    5. � '���������' ��� ���������� ��� siemens� / " a 'general' in the arsenal of siemens", 19-6-2008

    6. siemens, '�����' ��� � ������� �������� / "siemens, 'roccos' and Mandelis' involvement", 18-6-2008

    7. �� �������� ������������� �� ��������� ��� ��������� ����������� � ����������� / " Christoforakos' appointments with Karamanlis' ministers confirmed by his secretary", 22-4-2010

    8. �������� siemens: ��������� 200.000 ����������� � ����� ��������� / "the siemens scandal: "funding" 200.000 euro admitted by Tasos Mandelis", 27-5-2010

    9. �37 ����������� �� ������� �������޻ / "37 million in underground route", 11-7-2011

    10. �� '����' ��� �������� ������������� / " 'roccos' of the siemens case revealed", 10-10-2008

    11. ��� ��������� ��� �������� ���������� ���� ��������, �� �������� �������� �������� ��� ����ʻ / "the selling out of Kassandra mines to Bobolas, the enormous hidden scandal o PASOK", 5-2-2010

    12. ��������� siemens: �� ���� �������� / "the siemens scandal: what Kokkalis said", 3-9-2010

    13. ������������ ��� ��� �� �������� � / "acquitted for everything with ordinance", 17-1-2007

    14. ��� � ����� ��� ������� ������� ��� ������� �� ����� ���������� / "hoe the Greek parliament presented Kokkalis to society purer than powder snow", 4-9-2010

  16. doc. 21 :
    1. public statement of PM Papandreou's minister Sachinidis that they were decided to call the IMF to Greece from the moment they became government, 10-5-2010

    2. ������� ������ �� ������ �� ���� / "some wanted to bring in the IMF", 28-9-2011

    3. ����� ���: � . ���������� ���� ������� ��������� ��� �� 2009� / Straus Kahn: "G. Papandreou had requested the involvement of IMF in 2009", a public statement by Strauss Kahn that Papandreou had invited the IMF in Greece months before the People knew about the IMF, 21-2-2011.

    4. �����������: ������ ���������� �������� ��� �������� ������� / "Provopoulos: we had informed in time the political leadership", article about public statement by the president of the Bank of Greece Provopoulos that during his pre-election campaign Papandreou knew the real numbers of the Greek deficit he pretended to discover after his election regarding the deficit and GDP, 4-5-2010.

    5. ������� ��������: ������� �� �����! ����� �� ��������� / George Delastic: "they knew everything! The Memorandum is a fraud!", 14-10-2010

    6. ������� ������������: ��� ��� ������ ��� �������, ������� ��� ��� ���������� / Yiannis Papathanasiou: "By the Language of Numbers, the truth about the Economy", November 2010

  17. doc. 22 : ���� �� ���� ��� �������� ��������� ����������� ���������� / " To the members of the permanent committee of economic affairs" by Dr. N. Logothetis submitted in parliament : statement to the permanent committee on economic affairs of the Greek Parliament by dr. N. Logothetis, ex-vice president of ELSTAT / ������ declaring that the percentages regarding the deficit had been largely skewed so that it appeared blown up from 12% to 15.4% without any justification and with the direct effect of enforcing abject austerity on the Greek Citizens. This, according to dr. Logothetis was achieved by private contacts of the president of ELSTAT Georgiou with Eurostat and specifically mr. Radermacher, president of Eurostat and provides relevant proof to that effect.
  18. doc. 23 :
    1. ����������� ��������� ��� ��� ������ � / "Prosecutors intervention for ELSTAT", 19-9-2011

    2. . ���������: ���� ������ 4 ����� ��� 30 ���������� / Z. Georganta: "they gave us 4 minutes for 30 questions", 23-9-2011

articles about the public statement by dr. Z. Georganta, ex-member of the board of administration of ELSTAT stating that ELSTAT / E����� fabricated the blowing up of the 2009 deficit "in co-operation with the IMF and Eurostat" and further information about e-mail correspondence of the president of ELSTAT Georgiou where he is being pressed to incorporate assorted elements in the deficit without substantiation or scientific study that resulted in its willful and fabricated increase to 15.4% of GDP, as well as the effort of the permanent ecomonic affairs committee of the parliament to obstruct her from answering fully for the purposes of investigation by impossible time constraints for her oral answer.

  1. doc. 24 : official text of press conference of ADEDY / ����� ( the syndicate of public sector employees ) where the condition of the wages of the public sector employees were reported to have been cut back to at least 25% officially, warning about the domino of financial problems that will spill over into the private sector by the lack of cash flow from the public sector into the private sector, about the state of near bankruptcy of the public sector insurance funds that forces 40.000 pensioners not to have pensions they are entitled to and at least 200.000 of them to be forced to receive part of their pension only, and that being additional to the 20% cutback on their pension. Note that this is dated february 9, 2011, nearly a year ago and before several measures further cutting back both wages and pensions, multiplying this effect every time new measures were announced.

  2. doc. 25 : press articles on the public statements by vice-president of the government Pangalos making statements such as:

    1. � �� ������� ����� � ��� ������������� ���� ��� ������� / "Greeks are the most spoiled People of Europe", 2-4-2011

    2. � ������� �� �������, ���������� �� ������� / "hardworking Turks, lazy Greeks", 19-4-201
    3. ������� ��������� ��� ����� ���� ������������ ��� �� �������� / "no politician is as corrupt as the [greek] citizens", 4-1-2011 : where he also describes "the greek leaders of the 1821 revolution as a bunch of ingnorant yokels that barely spoke Greek", and that " the protesters going against the government are tantamount to those organizing mass murders of other people"
    4. �� ������� ������ �� ������ �� ������ �������� / "the Greeks have to become Albanians", where he also says that all Greeks have to accept that they and their children will do only manual labour or remain jobless, 7-2-2011.
  3. doc. 26 : �������� : � �������� ��� ������ ����������� / Juncker : " I was referring to George Papandreou", article on a public statement by Jean-Claude Juncker in the Irish Times where he states that Papandreou said he governs a corrupt country, 11-10-2010
  4. doc. 27 :
    1. �� ����������� ������� ��� �� ������������� ������ / "the tax-evading doctors and the communicational tricks", 14-5-2010,
    2. ����� ������� ������ ������� ��������� / " a good doctor is the one who accepts fakelaki", ethnos, 12-2-2010
    3. ������� ��� ����������� ������� : �������� ��� ���� ������������ / "names of tax-evading doctors: shocking data published",, 13-5-2010
    4. ����� �������� ��������� ��� ����� ��������� / "without a fakelaki you die on the waiting list", ta nea, 3-3-2010
    5. "���������� �������� �������� ��� ����������� ��� ��� ����������� ��� ������� �����" / "Loverdos' delirium against the Constitution and the Public sector employees", APE-MPE, 9-9-2011
    6. "haircut ���� ���� �� �������� ������ ��� 25%" / "haircut in Public Service Enterprises with wage cuts up to 25%", 9-12-2010
    7. "�������� : ������� ������ �� ������ �� ��������� �������������" / "Pangalos: self-employed enterpreuners steal from the State on a permanent basis", �� ����, 22-9-2011
    8. "������ �������� �����������" / "tax-evasion is a national scandal", gazeta C, 11-6-2011
    9. "��� ����������: ���������� �� ������� �������� �� �������� �� �������� ��� ������, ��� ��������� ��� ����� ��� �������" / "New payroll: they crush the Public sector employee with consequence the crush of the market, society and the end of Greece", study by independent consultants by the companies Hey group and ICAP in co-operation with a team of executives of the ministries of Internal Affairs and Economics, 2-3-2011
    10. ������� ������ ��� �������� ��������� ��� ��������� ��� �� ��� 2007,2008� / �the basic salary of Public sector employees for the years 2007, 2008�, �� ���,
    11. ��� ��� ������ �� �������� / �everything is the Public sector's fault�, by D. Kazakis, �, 13-1-2011
  5. doc. 28 :
    1. quotes by Yiannis Stournaras, Alexis Papahelas and Miranda Xafa on a SKAI TV talk show on 15-11-2011, taken from the TV channel's site

    2. �� ����� ��������� � / �the fat is drying up�, TA NEA, 24-11-2011

  6. doc. 29 :
    1. " suicide rise in Greece, EU, tied to crisis", e-kathimerini, July 8th 2011

    2. "Greece : experts warn against cuts in mental health" (article of "psi-action" reporting studies by Panteion University about the dramatic increase in suicides and quoting Cambridge University sociologist David Stuckler),psi-action-en, 8-9-2011

    3. "Greece records largest increase in suicide rates" (article on 'Greek Reporter" about Greece recording the largest increase in suicide rates as stated officially by NGO member on suicide help line, ms. Bekiari and ELSTAT/ ������ ( the Hellenic Statistical authority ) also quoting studies published in the British medical journal "The Lancet" and World Health Organization estimates and warnings), Greek Reporter, 22-9-2011

    4. "Greek crisis exacts the cruelest toll", Wall Street Journal, 20-9-2011

    5. picture of a 55 year-old Greek Citizen setting himself on fire due to financial problems.

  7. doc. 30 :
    1. �� ��� ������������� : ������������ �� ������������ ���� ������������ / � IKA goes vampiric : they condemn diabetics to amputation (article on the issue of surgically removing the feet of diabetics being cheaper than providing them with orthopedic shoes which would help them retain their legs for longer periods of time, includes official answer by the director of IKA department of disease coverage stating the fact that amputation is considered cheaper with filing number 04/3/251, 5-8-2010), ����, 9-10-2010

    2. �� �������� ��������� ����� ���� �� ������� ���� ���������� / �patients pay their medication by themselves due to cutbacks, up to 3,000 euro per month� (article about cancer / chronically ill patients not having access to medicare due to fund inabilities / cutbacks), TA NEA, 15-7-2010

    3. ��� ������� ����� ������� ��� �������� ����������� / �they don't sell medicine to Greek hospitals anymore�,, 19-9-2011

    4. '������� ����� ������' ��� '������� ��� ������' ��������� SOS ��� ��� ���������� / � 'doctors without borders and doctors of the world' send out an SOS for Athenians, too�, Proto Thema, 7-10-2011

    5. Roche, �� ������� ���������� ��� ���������� / �Roche, state hospitals and defamation�, the new daily mail, 20-9-2011

  8. doc. 31 :
    1. ��� �� ��������� ����� ��������� / �even the corridors have privileges� (article on the special treatment MPs and parliament employees enjoying a 10,000 euro per month salary for MPs counting in an average benefits and waivers and provisions covered by the State such as car and driver and personal guard as well as a base line of 1,900 euro per month for the lowest paid parliament employee with janitor tasks and cleaning duties), kathimerini, 30-9-2010

    2. ����� '��������������' ����� �� ������� ��������� / �how underpaid are Greek MPs in reality�, �� ����, 19-11-2006

    3. ���������, ��������� ��� ����� ������� ����� 1.300 ���������� ��� ������� / �relatives, in-laws and friends among the 1,300 employees of the parliament�, online press, 5-10-2011.

  9. doc. 32 :
    1. ������ 1.000% ��� �������� ��� �������� / �a 1,000% increase in the law suit fees(article discussing the increase in law suit fees with the direct statement by the government where they state that they aim for less people filing law suits), ����� ����, 4-1-2011

    2. �������� ������� ������� ��� ��������� / �the number of law suits has decreased dramatically�, ����������� online, 8-10-2011.

  10. doc. 33 :
    1. Greece's desperate new tax grab : akin to carpet bombing the economy in order to save it � (article on the tax using the electricity bill as a lever to compliance for paying), by Yiannis Varoufakis, 12-9-2011

    2. Greek MPs approve deeply unpopular property tax 'with a heavy heart'�, the guardian, 27-9-2011

    3. ��� ��� ���� ������ �� ������� ����� � / �one in ten houses have their power cut� (article about the percentage of households that have already had their electricity cut because of inability to pay way before this new law), �������������, 4-8-2011.

  11. doc. 34 : truths and myths about the Greek crisis� (essay by Polyvios Petropoulos, former university professor of economics and management in the U.S.A. analyzing the situation of the Greek crisis including G.A. Papandreou's propaganda about the fiscal and tax-evasion problems in Greece as well as the situation regarding wages, pensions, cutbacks and tax increases), 18-5-2010.
  12. doc. 35 :
    1. the anti-Greece campaign of the international media� (article referring to the German magazine "Focus" where Greeks are slandered and have corruption and laziness ascribed to their cultural identity), by Ingeborg Beugel, for NRC Handelsblad, June 21st, 2011

    2. Merkel's racist lies� (article about Merkel making false allegations about the financial remunerations of the Greeks and their vacation time which was officially refuted in "Spiegel" later), European Tribune, 18-5-2011

    3. are southern Europeans really lazy?�, Canadian Business, 25-5-2011

    4. Papandreou tries to prop up the pillars� (presenting Papandreou and his administration as struggling due to previous governmental faults for which he is not responsible, though there were even then elements implying that Papandreou was not protecting the Greek economy from crisis), The Economist, 17-12-2009.

  13. doc. 36 :
    1. Parliamentary question 27th June 2011 E-006139/2011, subject : Greek PM speculating against his own country�, in the E.U. Parliament, by Austrian Andreas Moizer (about Papandreou gaining a fortune exploiting confidential information about the Greek aggravated condition and buying credit default swaps with a profit of about 30.000.000 euro in 2009 when the problem in the markets was not known and while he was already negotiating with the IMF in the background. He also substantiates that Papandreou profits while Greece remains in crisis)
    2. answer given by mr. Rehn on behalf of the Commission�, 15th September 2011, E-006139/2011

    3. ����������� '�������' ������ ��� �� swaps ��� Golman Sachs� / �public prosecutor 'points at' Simitis for the Goldman Swaps� (article on the Goldman -Sachs scandal during the Simitis administration in which Papandreou was a prime executive / minister),

  14. doc. 37 :
    1. Merkel Blasts Greece over retirement age, vacation� (statements by Merkel and Juncker that Greeks / Greece needs to be punished -exersion must be demonstrated- before it is helped), Spiegel online, 18-5-2011
    2. Straus Kahn featured in documentary offers harsh words to Greece�, Greek reporter, 11-3-2011

    3. IMF Straus - Kahn : "Greeks are steeped in shit-and yet very deep"�,, 8-10-2011


  15. doc. 38 :

    1. Greek sovereignty to be massively limited : Juncker� (article on Yunker's official statements that Greece's Sovereignity has been rendered limited as a result of the arrival of the Troika and the new measures), Reuters, 3-7-2011

    2. ���������� ������� �� ���������� ����� ��� ���������� ���� �� / �financial help in return of forfeiting part of sovereignty to the EU� (statement from Shauble's interview at "Stern" that "sovereignty and national independence has by default being waived / surrendered"), 28-7-2011

    3. ������� : 10 ������ ������ ��� �������� ������ ���������� / �Schauble : a 10 year tunnel and limited National sovereignty� , �������������, 29-7-2011

    4. now Merkel wants a country's sovereignty in exchange for Germany's cash � (Merkel's statement that control of Greece by Germany is expected in return for financial aid), Business Insider, 12-7-2010.

  16. doc. 39 : the Memorandum ( in pdf form in CDR )
  17. doc. 40 :
    1. Greek austerity measures could violate Human Rights, UN expert says� (report by independent UN expert mr. K. Lumina on illegitimate debt and review by the same expert that the austerity program in Greece may end up breaching basic Human Rights), UN news service, June 30th 2011

    2. Resolution adopted by the Human Rights Council, 14/4 "the effects of foreign debt and other related international financial obligations of States on the full enjoyment of all Human Rights, particularly economic, social and cultural Rights", 23rd of June 2010

    3. Discussion of the concept of "state of necessity" regarding repudiating debt invoking the directory of the UN Commission on International Law, volume I, 1980, page 125 from "Who Owes Who" 50 questions about world debt, by Damien Millete, Eric Toussaint

    4. "Greece : the very symbol of illegitimate debt", Eric Toussaint, 22nd March, 2011

  18. doc. 41 :
    1. ��� �������� ��� ����� ����������� / �the new company of Nikos Papandreou�, antinews, 25-1-2011

    2. ��������� ���������� ��� �� ���� ����� ����� ��� ��� ���������������� ���� ��� ��� ������ ����������� / �Margarita Papandreou and half of PASOK had NGOs that were funded richly by George Papandreou�, Kartesios, 28-2-2011

    3. ������� : ������ �������� / �case file : Thaleia Dragona�, (article reporting on the funding received for a small time educational program headed by party members Th. Dragona and A. Frangoudaki of up to 17.000.000 euro over ten years and for this current period ( 2009-2012 ) they have been approved to have 9.000.000 euro for a program that covers teaching Greek to a small percentage of foreigner children, certainly not the majority of them and at the expense of the main stream education where Greek children don't have adequate teaching staff and lately have no books for the current academic year),, 31-12-2009

  19. doc. 42 :
    1. ����� '�������' ����� ��� ��� ���� ��� ������ � / �the recession 'swallowed' measures of one billion euro and now demands more(where the minister of finances states officially that the income from the austerity measures was eaten up by the recession and thus more measures will be implemented), ����� ����, 1-10-2011

    2. ��� ����� 6,6 ��� - �������� 8,5% ����� ��� 6,8% �� 2012� / �new measures for 6.6 billion - 8,5% deficit this year and 6.8% in 2012�, ����� ����, 2-10-2011.

  20. doc. 43 :
    1. ���������� : ����� ���������� / �Papandreou : vote or go bankrupt�, mediasoup, 6-5-2010

    2. ���������� � ����������� / �change or sink�, �����, 28-5-2009

    3. ��������� ��� ���� ���� ��� ����������� / �we found ourselves on the brink of disaster�,, 27-7-2011

    4. Evangellos Venizelos : Greece's finance minister, the power behind the throne�, reuters, 20-9-2011

  21. doc. 44 : sample of videos displaying the extent of attendance to various demonstrations against governmental policy : ..............
  22. doc. 45 : the results of the committee investigating the siemen's embezzlement and bribery scandal is presented, for expediency purposes only the conclusions are provided of the 700-odd page document where no unanimous verdict is reached and no indictment results, as a sample of typically all such investigatory committees of the parliament. ( More such documents to further illustrate the condition of impunity will be provided for in the immediate future ).
  23. doc. 46 :
    1. we oppose brutal repression of political dissent in Greece� ( copy of the petition signed by Noam Chomsky ), go petition
    2. ������� �� ������ ���� ���� : "����, �������, ���������"� / �I managed to hear before I fell : 'bread, education, freedom'� ( account by journalist Manolis Kypraios of what happened to him that resolted in his being deaf in both ears by a riot police officer that threw a stun - flash grenade after he displayed his reporters ID pass ), exantas -documentary, 6-7-2011

    3. ������ ����� �� ������� ������;� / �daddy did the gentleman hit me?� ( article about riot police hitting the vice-president of ADEDY / �����'s daughter, an 8 year-old child, in the jaw with his plastic shield ), education network, 27-9-2011

    4. several images taken by eye witnesses of several counts of police brutality and neglect to unconscious protesters

    5. footage.

  24. doc. 47 :
    1. picture of Manolis Glezos getting gassed in the face

    2. ����� ������� �� ����� ��� ������ ������ ��� ������������ ��� ������������ / �use of chemicals (gassing) against Manolis Glezos in the demonstration at Syntagma�, �� ����, 5-3-2010

    3. ������� ��� ������ / �Keratea ground zero� ( article on Keratea, describing the police brutality written by Citizens of Keratea ),, 29-2011

    4. �������� ������ �� ������ - �������� / �Bloodied blocks at Lavrio - Keratea�, elefterotypia, 3-4-2011

    5. footage of police brutality in the area of Keratea.


  25. doc. 48 :

    1. �������� �� ������� ��� ��� �������� ���� marfin� / �the entire report on the marfin tragedy�, ( simple copy of the full report on the tragedy of marfin bank as published in the newspaper " to vima" on 9/24/2010 where reference numbers 561 - 587 of 2010 are mentioned. Where liability is clearly ascribed to the employer because basic safety measures were not followed and the particular marfin bank branch had no certificate of fire safety ), �� ����, 24/9/2010.

    2. footage by eye-witnesses and reporters of the fire.

  26. doc. 49 :
    1. ����������� : ������ ���������� ������������ �� �� ���� / �Skandalidis : riot police co-operation with undercover / extremist elements possible� ( article on the issue of undercover police acting as violent protesters with metal and wooden bars co-operating and / being protected by riot police ), elefterotypia, 30-6-2011

    2. ������ ��� ������ - ���������� ���� ����������� ����������� �� ������������� ��� ��������� / �investigation regarding a video document about police co-operation with extremist elements in Syntagma� ( a subsequent investigation announced by State officials that yet hasn't been implemented and doesn't look to be any time soon ),, 29/6/2011

    3. photo evidence

    4. video footage attesting to the fact.

  27. doc 50 :
    1. part of our correspondence with the police regarding being threatened on several levels after our publicizing an article on our experience in that particular demonstration.

    2. how the People is gagged in a massive demonstration� ( simple copy of the specific article translated in English ), by Olga Yeritsidou,, 23-2-2011.

  28. doc. 51 : part of our correspondence with the police and the public prosecutor regarding the police threatening us with being arrested and forcing us to spend the night in the holding cell without being told what we were being accused of if we continued wanting to report officers of the precinct for refusing to protect us against or apprehend illegal immigrants also practicing illegal trading that had threatened and attacked us.
  29. doc. 52 : various reports of the ghetto situation and constant state of terror in whole neighborhoods of Athens such as Agios Panteleimonas, and specific squares of down-town Athens after nightfall :
    1. ��� ������ ��� ������ � / �Athens' ghetto�, �� ����, 22-7-2010

    2. ��� ������� ��� ����� ��� ������ / �the barons of Athens' ghetto�,, 15-5-2011

    3. ��������� �������� ��� ����� ������������ ���� ������������� / �letter of the inhabitants of Agios Panteleimon to Markogiannakis�, ��������� �������, 11-3-2009

    4. �������� �������� ��� ��������� ��� �������� ��� ����� ������������ �� ���� : ������� ������� ���������� ���� �������� ������� ��� ��. ������������ - ������� ������� ��� �� �������� ��������� ���� ������ ��������� / �open letter of the committee of the dwellers of Agios Panteleimonas with subject : large number of immigrants in the general area of Agios Panteleimonas - Attiki square and the tragic consequences on the local society�, 2009

    5. �������� �� ��������� ��� ������ (�������)� / �Manolis' (Kantaris') murderers found�, newsbomb, 19-5-2011

  30. doc. 53 :
    1. �����, ��������� ��� ���� ���� �������� ��� ����ʻ / �eggs, yogurt and beating against PASOK MP�, ��������, 2-7-2011

    2. �������, ��������� ��� ���� ���� �������޻ / �stones, yoghurt and eggs against Petaloti�, news247, 2-6-2011

    3. assorted footage showing similar booing behaviours against the PM and assorted MPs

    4. ������ - ������������� �������� ��� ������� / �video - booing Pangalos in Paris� (article about vice-president Pangalos being chased out of a show honouring the director K. Gavras, in Paris, by Greeks of the Diaspora, being chased out of a taverna by indigenous Greeks),, 27-2-2011

    5. ������� ������������� ��� ���������� ��� ��������� / �strong booing to Papandreou at Berlin� (spontaneous demonstration to boo the PM where he was appearing in Germany by more Greeks of the Diaspora),, 21-2-2011.

    6. ��������� ���� �������� ��� ����� �������������� ���� ���-��� ������������� ��������������� / �incidents due to show of Anna Diamantopoulou in ERT- two educators injured� (the interruption of an interview given by minister of education Diamantopoulou twice where she had to be evacuated due to her refusal to converse live with protesting educators, includes announcement by the protesters),, 3-5-2010.

    7. ����������� ��� ���� ���������� / �Haris Kastanidis pelted with yogurt�, ����� ����, 9-10-2011.

    8. Footage booing

  31. doc. 54 : official response from the police headquarters where the qualifiers for those entitled to police protection or being included in any sort of priority list are delineated as being public figures ( politicians and their families, capacity and risk of occupation ) :
    1. ��������� �� ������� ������- �����������- ��������� ��� 26/8/2008 ��� �������� ��.��. �� ��. ����. 7017/4/922-, 29/7/2009� / �answer to your exra-judiciary declaration-objection- invitation of 26/6/28 by the Greek Police HQ with filing number 7017/4/922-a, 29/7/2009

    2. ��������� ���� ��' ��. ����. 7017/4/922- �������� ��� ��� 29/7/2009� ��� 4/11/2009 / �answer to your answer with filing number 7017/4/922-a of 29/7/2009� of 4/11/2009

    3. ���������� �� ������� - ������ ����� ��. ����. 7017/4/922- / �answers to your questions - inquiries with filing number 7017/4/922-d, 21/12/2009

  32. doc. 55 : � 2.000 - 3.000 fee for anyone who had a third child!� (article reporting on the new property tax through the electricity bill and articles on the extra burden of families with more than three children), ����� ����, 7/10/2011
  33. doc. 56 : ���������� SOS ��� ���� '�������� ��� ������- �� �������� ����� ����� ������ ��� ��������� �� �������! � ������� ������� �� ����� ���� ������� / �dramatic SOS by 'medecins du monde' - the patients are so many that the medicine has run out! Poverty is sweeping everything in Greece(report by 'Medecin du Monde' in Greece appealing globally for medication because their stocks evaporated under the increased demand of Greeks resorting to them for medical aid since they are unable to get it anywhere else, including a report from the children's villages 'SOS' and by their director mr. Stergios Signios reporting that 80% of applications for inclusion of children in these villages is by Greek parents who cannot offer the basic sustenance to their children and thus take them to the children villages 'SOS" to ensure nourishment and clothing for their children only, not themselves. However, mr. Signios raises the alert because the children villages are almost full and still there are at least 1,000 applications pending and counting), press time, 30-3-2011.
  34. doc. 57 : articles reporting on the lack of books for students in schools, lack of educational staff, lack of funds, and the problems arising from merging small schools in remote areas where children suddenly need to commute :
    1. ������ �� ����� ���� ����������� / �grim is the situation in education, ���������, 28-8-2011

    2. ������� �������� / �education is a shambles�, blog fthiotidas, 29-9-2011

    3. ���� �������� ��������� �� ������� ������ ��� ������� / �SOS sent out by the school buildings of Athens�, kathimerini, 19-2-2011

    4. ��� ������� ������ ����� ������ ��� ��������� � / �new school year without books or teachers�,, 12-9-201

    5. ���������� �� ���� ��� ��� ������� ������ ����� �� ����� ����� ������� / �announcement regarding the new school year which will be without books�, ���������� ���� �������������, 5-9-2011

    6. ������ ������ � ��� ������� �����ܻ / �new school year without books�, ��������, 3-9-2011

    7. 5.400 ����� ����� ��� �������� / �5,400 empty teaching positions at schools�, �� ��� on line, 19-8-2011

  35. doc. 58 : articles in the press both reporting and promoting mass migration of especially Greek professionals to other countries and article about special provisions made in Australia for mass migration of Greeks there, with an emphasis on Greek Youth :
    1. �le monde ���� ������������� ���� �������� ���� ������� / �immigration wave of new people from Greece�,, 9-10-2011

    2. �l' echo ������ ������������ ������� ���� ������ ������� / �mass immigration of Greeks to Western Europe�,, 26-9-2011

    3. ���� ������������ ������� ��� ���������� / �Greek immigration wave abroad�,, 23-5-2011

    4. ��� ���� ������������� ������� ���� ���������;� / �new Greek immigration wave to Australia?�,, 21-4-2011

    5. ��� ������������ �������� / �new Greek immigration�,, 29-5-2010

    6. video of interview about Greek immigration in

    7. Officially signed statement by mr Michael Tzanakis, Secretary to Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain, London, regarding the increase of e-mail, posted and personally - related accounts of Greek Citizens in an exodus from Greece seeking employment in UK and asking for the help of the Archdiocese in their efforts.

  36. doc. 59 :
    1. resolution CM/ResChS(2008)1 on the complaint number 30/2005 and adopted by the committee of ministers�, on 16th January 2008, where the committee ruled that there is violation of Articles 3 paragraph 2 and 2 paragraph 4 of the Charter leaving workers exposed to occupational health risks ( in particular the health of people living in lignite mining areas ) in the area of northern Greece exposing Citizens to dangerous health hazards and dangers to the environment, especially regarding green house gas emissions

    2. ������ ��� ���� ��� �������� / �journey to the land of lignite� (report by mr. Stelios Psomas, an environmental scientist having composed the recent report of Green Peace regarding lignite in Greece, where he mentions the causation of respiratory and other problems in the children living there), elefterotypia, 14-1-2007

  37. doc. 60 :
    1. ����� ���� ����� : ���� ���� ��� ��� ����� �� ����� ������� ���� ������� ! / �an idea of how it is to be Greek at this time� (personal account by ms Ekman, a reporter in Sweden that spent the summer in Greece and upon return to Sweden wrote in the newspaper "Dagens Nyheter" on August 8th 2011 that the sum of the propaganda about Greeks and their alleged laziness and malevolent opposition is fraudulent misinformation),

    2. personal account by American firefighter ms. Deidre Rae Crouch stating that the alleged anarchy and lack of well meaning and good faith by Greeks is inaccurate as well as mentioning intimidating behaviors of Greek police without any provocation

Athens, October 10th 2011
Olga G. Yeritsidou Tanya - Maria Geritsidou




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