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TOWARD:���� TheState Governors andstate authority holders accruing from the Constitution of Greece, as well as to All In Charge on behalf of the Greek citizen executors and managers of the Greek State:

1. The President of the Hellenic Republic

2. The President of the Hellenic Government

3. The President of the Hellenic Parliament

4. The President of the Auditorial Council

5. The President of the Council of State

6.The District Attorney relevant

7. The President of European Union Parliament







����������� In my power as an active, self-conscious and fully respondent to the citizen�s obligations stated in the Constitution of Greece, as well as to the ever present call of the country to every citizen regarding the preservation of Freedom and quality of life, I find myself in the unhappy but necessary position to exert the holy right of every Greek, and protect my country, my fellow citizens, the future generations and myself from the continuous, overwhelming and mathematically incremental tendency for destruction of the material and human potential of our country, a destruction which is documented and corroborated to have been occurring at least since 1983, and assuming dramatic dimensions afterwards.


����������� Below I am forced to provide evidence of the destructive and criminal mismanagement and miscarriage of justice against Greece in particular, and against the individual Greek citizen in particular:


1. ������� at the level of foreign policy:

����������� a. It was allowed that our country be financially humiliated and subjugated by means of continuous, rampant lending and shamefully indicted by international courts, without allowing for the sufficient and substantive briefing of the citizen by means of communication accessible to him or her, sufficiently clear and in several turns so that at least 90% of the population will comprehend its content. Further, whatever effort on the part of the citizen based on his/her own initiative to gain such information is literally beset by a constant refusal to inform, as well as by a profession of ignorance by state officials of facts which the citizen has a right and is obliged to know.

����������� b. It is allowed by foreign institutions to defame nationally and internationally our country, our culture, our civilization and our profile as citizens of Greece and of the world in general. I am truly sorry to report that such defamatory and libellous campaigns against the image of Greece and our national identity are amply provided for, broadcast and made available to the average citizen and on a repetitive basis, following precisely the method that should have been followed to succeed at properly informing the citizen, as referred to in (a) above.

����������� c. It is allowed and our country is enforced in general and the individual citizen in particular, that the encroachment of our National rights and ceding of our rightful gains become acceptable and incontestable, andat the same time we are blackmailed at both of these levels to concede to the warping, the perversion and falsification of our national as well as of international history under threats and intimidations which do not honour our individuality as a Nation. That, too, is also amply communicated to the citizenry in a form devoid however of their correct and up-to-date information regarding the losses that would accrue at a financial, personal and territorial level, if such irredentist and treasonous claims towards Greece are kept up.

����������� d. The international institutions which Greece, as a Nation and a Sovereign State is called upon to undersign and uphold, are allowed to be used by third parties as a political expression or blackmailing power, in such a way so as to entangle Greece and present her as compromising with regard to policies towards other states and territories, for which we, the citizens, have not had enough information material to form a responsible stand.


2. ������� with regard to the internal affairs policies, and especially the economy:

����������� a. Undoubtedly the economic policy that has been followed since 1983 is totally ineffective and destructive for the individual citizen and against the goals which every executive authority takes the responsibility to meet and succeed at, according to the Constitution and the Democratic Regime. More specifically, repeatedly the national budget proposal is fallacious, comes up with a deficit and inability to cover the nominal (let alone the substantive) needs of the citizen. Further, even this budget proposal is violated and not seen through.

����������� b. It is constantly being communicated to the citizen that the provisions, allowances, pensions and other social benefits which the state has taken upon itself to sustain, maintain and satisfactorily execute on behalf and for the benefit of the citizen, are curtailed, deleted, rendered inactive or insufficient to cover the needs of the citizen for the benefit of whom they were instituted in the first place. The citizen, however, despite the fact that he or she is not going to receive the benefits previously and contractually agreed upon with the Stateaccording to the Constitution and the letter of the Law, is called upon to contribute financially, and continue contributing (paying his/her constantly increasing dues) under threat of hostility and personal persecution by the State. Under this type of management the State has transformed itself from a protective and welfare-producing authority to a repressive, terrorizing, feudal power transforming the Greek citizen to a practical subservient serf, a fact that consistitutes a DIRECT AND BLATANT ENCROACHMENT AND VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION AND THE PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN RIGHTS.

����������� c. There occurs an imposition of economic and social racism in the appropriation of resources and funds for salaries both in the public as well as in the private sector, with a significantly extensive and inexcusable gap among the salaries of public servants, the remunerations of state associates, the arbitrarily given motives for investments by offered subsidies and other help of economic and financial nature discriminately to only a few and not completely and freely to every citizen who might need it. This kind of arbitrary and selective handling amongst the citizens subverts the state welfare and the cohesion of the community of citizens, and leads to economic stalemate and withering of the many and the burgeoning of the few, a fact which sets citizen against citizen. That handling by the executive as well as by thelegislative authority of the state amounts to a direct and blatant encroachment and violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Human Rights.


3. ������� as concerns the policy on education:

����������� a. There happens a loss of human and financial resources due to misappropriation of funds, mismanagement, over or under-employment, insufficient or misleading continuous education of the teaching and administrative personnel, as evidenced by the continuous failures of the pertinent ministry to respond to and cover the needs of parents and guardians and students � pupils as well as by the virtually nonexistent professional support of the educators on their job, even when they actively seek it.

����������� b. The Greek citizen is asked to shoulder an iniquitous burden since by means of the methods and practices of public education he or she is urged to be educated on a paying basis in other non-state institutions, since public education which is theoretically free of charge, functions only as a grade-giving and checking mechanism. In this manner, there happens the imposition of an educational racism by means of private funding for education by the citizen, who among other taxes, has to pay to receive free education characterized by anti-pedagogic policies evident in the handling of certain subsets of the population who attends public schools and universities. This kind of educational racism and selectivism in people amounts to a direct and blatant encroachment and violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Human Rights.

����������� c. With all this unjust and arbitrary policy, it is allowed for our national educational status at an academic and university level to fall below average, thus making foreign universities ask additional credentials from our students, who, as Greek citizens at a personal and not educational level are reputed and appreciated as potential scientists. This constitutes a waste and mismanagement of the human potential of our country which is transfused and consequently benefits foreign countries and not the country or the citizens thereof who had to contribute heavily to an educational system which should channel educated human material in the interior and not the exterior.

����������� d. Direct consequence of the above fact is the social depreciation and bedevilment of students studying and living abroad with constant exams which cancel out all the degrees which have been granted to them in the past by the same institution (from apolytirion till doctorate), demand additional funds and rarely do they confer what they promise even to the successful ones, thus devaluing their whole effort and leading these persons to a clientelisticand illegal relationship with other institutions and their representatives. This amounts to a direct and blatant encroachment and violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Human Rights.


4. as regards the welfare state:

����������� a. Serially and with mathematical certainty there has been a breaching of social contracts that the executive and the legislative power of the state has taken upon itself to honor and uphold in the form of social insurance, safeguarding work conditions, safeguarding the quality of life as regards cultural education, and immersion of the citizen in it by mass media and the arts. More specifically, the insurance funds which constitute property of the people and its security after year long work and heavy dues, declare bankruptcy and are appropriated or are merged embezzling thus funds belonging to the Greek citizen and which he or she trustingly contributed during his or her working life. Having upheld his or her part of the contract with the state, the citizen stands bereft, defenseless, insecure, and by means of the feudal ways described in paragraph �. it is demanded of him or her to continue contributing a head tax reminiscent of Turkish occupation, dues which will never be returned to him or her, either in money or kind. This amounts to a direct and blatant encroachment and violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Human Rights as well as blatant breach of contract, which, in the world of business is restored by retribution clause forcing the return of the total capital invested to the injured party as well as pay indemnity to same for loss of profit and injury to that party�s lawful interests.

����������� b. The Greek citizen lives in a state of terror and depreciation as regards to his/her health, since the public health system which is funded by every citizen is in complete disorganization: Health personnel is insufficiently distributed throughout Greece, insufficiently remunerated, and called to act with insufficient equipment and support. This greatly decreases the effectiveness and lowers the quality of the human potential as regards the public health services, urging that potential to improper and sometimes illicit behaviour either due to circumstances or personal despair. This again amounts to a direct and blatant encroachment and violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Human Rights, as much of the public health service personnel as these of the citizen who is the recipient of such practices. This pushes the citizen to even further financial burden in multiple forms and manners, a condition which constitutes loss of potential profits and devaluation of the quality of life of the citizen, a condition punishable by law.

����������� c. Public Common Benefit Utilities which have been created, built and developed by public funds, which by definition belong to the tax-paying Greek citizen, have transformed from having a public benefit character, as their name and charter declare, to profitable corporations for the benefit of private interests and multinational companies AND NOT OF THE CITIZEN, WHO IS THE ONLY FUNDING SPONSOR AND BENEFICIARY. They have also become tax-collecting agencies which set the Greek citizen where he/she is blackmailed into funding, apart from paying the dues of each Public Utility, other activities included in the same bill, irrespective of whether he/she makes use of them or not. This amounts to a direct and blatant encroachment and violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Human Rights as well as grounds for embezzlement and mismanagement of third party property rights, which is punishable by law.

����������� d. Public works for the benefit of the public, such as streets, harbours, airports, etc, extraction works, landscaping, football grounds, public parks, gardens, museums, archaeological sites and site-seeing areas, as well as public installations of every kind, are appropriated and sold to private interests as well as other legal and international parties for them to exploit for personal profit and increase of their power, to the loss of the Greek citizen, who finds him/herself in a hostage situation, and who from being a free member of a free state becomes restricted, liable to and dependent on private or foreign interests for the satisfaction of his/her basic needs. This amounts to a direct and blatant encroachment and violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Human Rights as well as deceitful incapacitation of one�s right to freedom and freedom of personal choice, a crime punishable by law.


5. as regards the management of state security:

����������� a. The Greek citizen lives under a state of terror as regards the safeguarding of his/her property, family and person, as well as the safeguarding of his/her own life. There have been repeated reports on the insufficiency of Greek Police personnel, which translates into an inability to serve and protect the persons of property of Greek citizens in every territory. The human potential of Hellenic police, few in numbers as it is, is also beset by a lack of proper education and support and is rendered incapable of protecting effectively the citizen from miscreant parties, and at the same time expose themselves to the same danger which cannot be faced and which is punishable for this insufficiency, responsible for which is state education and applied planning. This amounts to a direct and blatant encroachment and violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Human Rights as much of the Greek citizen as of the police officer who is restricted from doing his/her duty by the same state organization which has set as its goal and duty to prepare such officer completely and sufficiently to exercise his/her public duty, a fact which constitutes a crime against humanity, punishable by law.

����������� b. With regard to our national security inland and abroad, the army of Greece, which is not operated on a mercenary basis, but constitutes selfless contributions of human potential on the part of every Greek family, and which has been uplifted to a sense of national duty, is misapproapriated at every level, by means of bad or nonexistent training, lack of security during one�s service / training in time of peace, as well as the complete lack of boosting the national morale and self-confidence in an army who historically has been one of the most victorious in recent history. The Greek citizen as a soldier completes this service period without acquiring even the most basic of training that an armed soldier is supposed to know, and without participating in any activity which would show the usefulness and strength of the Greek army, as, for example, the army�s involvement in emergency situations, or the army�s contribution in public works or other services in poor areas or in cases where the citizen can or should not be further burdened financially. The Greek soldier is not protected by the state either in time of peace or in war, and their his personal contribution nor that of his family who brought him up to serve are recognized. In case of death during service and execution of his services, his sacrifice is not recognized in such a way so that his family � who paid the ultimate price of the country � is financially recompensed or secured, and neither is his name in posterity. In case of death due to tactical error or lack of support or erroneous choice leading directly to the particular soldier�s death by superiors, there is never a direct attribution of responsibility to the responsible parties or compensation to the injured parties and the public in totality, who, in the face of that soldier is injured because it is devitalized. This amounts to a direct and blatant encroachment and violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Human Rights of the Greek citizen and of the Greek soldier, a fact which constitutes a crime punishable by law.


6. Regarding Justice:

����������� a. Justice of the State which is governed by laws, is encumbered and rendered ineffective in the exercise of its duties, due to the burgeoning, unclear, mutually-annulling and chaotic hyperproduction of more than 1,000 laws and bylaws, regulations, and amendments. This makes it impossible to the average Greek citizen to be adequately informed about his rights and obligations, a fact which renders him incapable of defending him/herself or his fellow citizen, but also to check the legality of the verdicts and the course of events of him/herself, his/her fellow citizens, of the state and the executive officers. Thus, the Greek citizen is technically forced to continuously liable to justice instead of him/her being its basis.

����������� b. The human potential which fills the posts of Justice officers is in a state of insecurity, relative ignorance, clientelist relationships and intimidation due to their low protection by the state apparatus and the citizens, a fact which makes it impossible for them to be above board and independent. While this human potential should have been protected and educated so they, in turn, could protect and educate, they are forced to live under the same conditions present for the rest of the public servants.

����������� c. The free-lance law professionals are even more under the state of fear and terror to which the name of the Justice has been degraded, due to the various blackmailing tactics practised against them and which hampers their ability to serve at their utmost the interests of the Greek citizen but also to contribute to the proper execution of the letter of the law. On the contrary, they succumb to an undeclared reign of terror. Consequently, and on the basis of the above points, we are led to the conclusion that despite the plethora of laws and bylaws and the existence of private and state professionals responsible for the proper application, the Greek citizen lives INA STATE OF ANOMIE AND ANARCHY IN WHICH THE ONLY LAW APPLICABLE IS THIS OF INTIMIDATION. This amounts to a direct and blatant encroachment and violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Human Rights and is punishable by law.


7. CONSEQUENTLY : by means of the above policies tactics which unprecedentedlyand inexcusably violate not only the human rights which the Greek State has committed itself to protect and uphold but also the obligations of the State toward the wellbeing and protection of the citizen THE GREEK CITIZEN HAS BEEN ROBBED OF THE ABILITY TO HAVE DEPENDENTS (THAT IS, UNDERAGED CITIZENS AS WELL AS CITIZENS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS) IN HIS/HER FAMILY A FACT DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS/HER FAMILY�S LOW BIRTH RATE AND SO UNABLE TO BRING UP NEW GREEK CITIZENS.








1. BECAUSE our human rights are violated (according to the articles OF THE BILL OF HUMAN RIGHTS of December 10, 1948/ The Bill of Findamental Rights of the European Union of December 2000 and December 2007/ of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, 16th of December 1966 and 3rd of January 1976/ and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 16th of December 1966 and 23rd of March 1976)


2. BECAUSE the CONSTITUTION OF GREECE (and more specifically, the articles: : Part 1, Section , Articles 1 � 2, 3 and 2 � 1, 2. Part 2, Articles 4 � 1, 2, 5 / 5 � 1, 2, 3, 5 / 5 � 1 / 7 � 2 /9 / 10 � 1, 2, 3 / 14 � 1, 3, 5, 9 /15 � 2 / 16 � 1, 2, 4 / 17 � 1 / 20 � 1, 2 / 21 � 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 / 221, 5 / 23 � 1, 2 / 24 � 1, 2, 6 / 25 � 1, 2, 3 /

Part 3, Section , 27 � 1, 2 / 28 � 1, 2, 3 / 29 � 3. Section , chapter 1 ,

articles30 �1 /33 � 2 , chapter 2 article 35 � 2 , 3 / 36 � 2, 3, 4 / 42 � 1, 2 /44 � 1, 2 / 49 � 1. Section C, chapter 1 :��� 52. Chapter 2 :56 � 1, 3, 4/ 57 � 1, . Chapter 3:60 � 1 / 61 � 1 . Chapter 5 :73 � 2, 3 / 75 � 3 . Section D, Chapter 1 : 82 � 1 . Chapter 2 : 85 / 86 . Section �, Chapter1 :87 � 2 / 88 � 4 . Chapter 2 :93 � 4 /98 � 1 �, �, �, / 100 � 1 �, 4, 5 . Section F, Chapter 1 :101 � 3 / 102 � 4, 5 . Chapter 2 : 103 � 1, 5 , 7, 8 /104 � 1, 2, 3 . Section G , Part ,106 � 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 / 108 � 1 . PartC, 111 � 1 / 112 � 1 / 116 � 2, 3 / 117 � 3 /120 � 2, 3, 4) is violated in its entirety


3. BECAUSE according to the CONSTITUTION OF GREECE (articles 111� 1/ 120�2,3,4 ) we are obligated not to uphold but to ignore every law against it and also every party who attempts to enforce in any way such adverse and contrary law.




����������������������������������������������� We demand


1. The immediate restitution of the protection of the human rights of the Greek citizen


2. The immediate cessation of all the laws, bylaws, amendments to these laws and regulatory directions contrary to or violating The Constitution of the Greek People.




The following petitioners for political sanctuary








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