Consumer Behavior

From the rights of the citizen are derived the basic principles permeating the behavior ensuring the citizen safe consumption:

  1. The consumer must, before engaging in consumer behavior, estimate and record all of his/her needs.

  2. From these needs, he/she must, with objective criteria and with regards to his/her goals for him/herself, separate which ones are the substantial needs and which are fabricated through the emotional blackmail enforced by advertisements (i.e., the subliminal or even direct manner in which the advertisements and tv shows blackmail that without a specific type of consumer behavior, we shall find ourselves isolated, ridiculed or otherwise belittled by others).

  3. By having separated the needs that are actual, the consumer must now put them in order of priority and then invest time so that he/she will find the best offer.

The above behavior ensures a sensation of satisfaction and success (because we are not swayed by profiteers or advertising companies), a sense of control, a sense of increased intelligence and an objective practice of critical thought which develops us as personalities.



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