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Human Rights

In the following links you can find the complete Covenants of Human Rights as they stand today, which include basic Human Rights, Social / Civil Human Rights and several more covenants with more details and derivatives of the above.

We could have listed all the Human Rights breached as we have done in the Greek mirror for the Hellenic Constitution but that would mean a simple listing of 90% at least of the entire list of Covenants and their contents as very few of the listed Human Rights are not breached directly or indirectly or both.

Since this part of the site written in the language most likely to be familiar to any and every individual in the globe is specifically designed to cater to every person internationally we have chosen instead to present to you a Declaration as the one we have created and used inside Greek borders.

This Declaration has been composed combining the international Principles of Liberalism in its pure form as it originated in the philosophies of specific personalities of the antiquity as well as a relatively modern form of a Liberal document derived from not one but an international mix of people coming from every corner of the world and nearly every State.

In these modern times it is not against Regimes that People must go and must declare an Independence of but individuals and their families ( who have criminal conduct in abusing and misusing the Powers of their Office for their own interests and that of the people supporting them with huge profit and funding ) which is actually much easier than the feat accomplished in every country boasting a Liberal Regime : it is easier because it is against persons and not States, therefore it constitutes Action taken against criminals and not any Regime overthrown. As such it can and must be bloodless and through various courts of Law rather than brute force.

It also warrants International protection by every Organisation under the sun professing defence and protection of Human Rights as what is presented below is substantiated legally and is a staple of our Society which these individuals as described in the Declaration are undermining and destroying until such a time will come that action will need to be taken lest People / Citizens die of malnutrition because of lack of capacity to buy any food.

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