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In this part of our site we will offer the side of news reports which never is presented by the mass media. In particular, there is going to be a daily and systematic analysis of the meaning and the messages that are communicated through the 'news' as well as an objective representation and presentation of what the Law stipulates and entails (i.e. what law-breaking has been described in the news and how this is punished according to the legislation and the constitution as long as the Citizens desire the true enforcement of Justice and Democracy).

To more easily recognize them, the analyses of the news that will be presented below will be color coded as follows:

The news pertinent to issues/ infractions against the life, health, wholeness, psychology of the person.

The news pertinent to issues/ infractions against welfare, design and protection of the quality of life and development of the person. .

The news pertinent to issues/ infractions against financial health, well being and situation of the person and specific social groups.

The news pertinent to issues/ infractions against education and civilization of the person.

The news pertinent to issues/ infractions against the Nation and the state/Ethnic existence of the person.

The news pertinent to issues/ infractions against the Person, the Environment and World Culture.

Because of the over-abundance of news within and outside of Greece, we will be forced to make a selections of the news reports that will be analyzed. However, we are very open to publish your analysis of any news report you want and which we haven't addressed, as long as the analysis is based on an objective inspection and facts without extreme characterizations of emotional charge which will not aid the correct presentation of the situation.


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Unionists, Coalitions, Referendums:
What they Mean and What we are to Do with them

By Olga and Tanya Yeritsidou

Regardless of how effusively the government cronies miss no chance to declare their satisfaction to the events with DEI, the fact remains that they miserably failed to pass their message that they are a robust, democratic government enjoying the support of the overwhelming majority of the People, a government that shows concern for the needs and the rights of the People. This becomes all the more ridiculous in the attempts of Sophia Vultepsi appearing on several television channels and parroting that message, without even a thought that her lies cannot be tolerated even by her cooperating journalists.

The only thing they achieved was to succeed in putting the unionists under their employ at every DEKO union under the same infamous category where the enemies of the Greek People, that is, the deserters, the hypocrites-collaborators, the well-fed governmental cronies, and the corrupt members of the judiciary along the rest of the scum, reside, and who, as they themselves admit, will have the anathema and the eternal wrath of the Greek society. ...


To Power Company Syndicates:
If You Really Want to Stop the Sellout of DEI and You Have the Guts,
Here's What You Must Do

coming soon ...


The Communicational War Or
What Is It That Supports or Topples a Government

coming soon! ...


On March 25th, 2014

Having watched the video of the army parade, and ourselves being amongst the few who, in spite of the status quo of our times, still mean to fight for our Holies and Sacred, the Rights and Freedom and being dedicated to and members of the Greek People; and having also watched, at the end, the underhanded effort of the desecrators of our Institutions to usurp a modicum of the Glory of our People whom they hate so much, and continue with the desolation and the razing of our homeland Greece, we need to extend our wishes publicly as much state our promise before the Greek People: ...



coming soon! ...


Anthopocentrism: After the Failure of the 20th century Systems We Need a New Socio-political System

By Olga and Tanya Yeritsidou

During the 19th and 20th centuries we have witnessed applications of various social theories which led to the creation and application of a variety of political and economic systems such as, capitalism, communism and parliamentarianism, socialism, Fascism and Nazism. The reason that we refrain in the present article from categorising the above systems into political, social and economic ones is simply because the degree of interdependence between economy and social organisation is so high that in order to proceed with the setup and operation of a integrated social organisational scheme, we cannot but consider them both vital subsystems of a single organic entity and not parts or semi-independent sections of a whole that simply act in parallel.

A historical review of the various forms of capitalism, communism /socialism and parliamentarianism shows us that they all failed to secure social peace, welfare and development in the societies they were applied, while their democratic base is systematically undermined by corruption, which has been ever present during all these forms. ...


What are Samaras - EU targetting During the Euroelections Interim period
and What Must be the Target of the Greeks

by Olga and Tanya Geritsidou

To begin with, it is clear that in his speech, Samaras confessed to the fact that in collusion with and aided and abetted by Europe, Greece has lost so much standard of living that it cannot be compared to ANY OTHER COUNTRY since the end of WWII. In short, he has confessed that the EU, knowingly and in full collaboration with the governments of 2009 – 2014 at least (and certainly including as well the governments since 1981 – 2009, while the more one delves deeper into the past, the more he will realise how all this was prepared) HAS PLANNED AND EXECUTED THE ANNIHILATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE GREEKS (i.e., standard of living) TO A LEVEL COMPARABLE ONLY TO THE WAR DESTRUCTION DURING WWII IN NAZI-OCCUPIED EUROPE. ...


The Governmental Lies, The So-Called 'one-way street'
and the Alternative One with OAEE as an Example



The Liars, The Thieves, Their Racket, Their Communications War
and How to Crush it

By Olga and Tanya Geritsidou

These grossly fraudulent statements and literal deluge of lies soared to new heights yesterday in Parliament during the discussion on the new budget, and it is clear that unless we the Citizens intervene drastically next time to help the moribund among us facing auctioning their houses, hyper-taxation and made-up debts, we shall be once again pelted with a new deluge of indecent lies. It is clear that as a classic racket of fraudsters and criminals, what they are interested in is the superficial recording of a fake notion of tranquillity, progress and welfare, so during their future trials for their crimes against Humanity in the case of the Greek People, they can furnish some documents to show as evidence in their defence.

Yesterday, on Saturday December 7, 2013, we listened to a part of the Ądebate˘ for the voting of the 2014 budget in Parliament, and we would like to comment particularly on what Vroutsis and Samaras said, as two typical examples of the new level of lying they so blatantly reached when they spoke in Parliament, and thankfully, they were recorded, so what they said can and will be used to indict them for their fraud, as we shall explain below: ...



If you therefore decide to revisit the Polytechnic, do it for the benefit of the Greek People, broadcasting through it the gagged voice of all the Greeks rather than offer the Samaras Regime, just another opportunity to stage a show of force, extortion and terror to everyone, while in fact you can very well show him just what he is: a mouse that roars because he is backed by all who pose as his opponents but who in fact work for him on the mass media mikes. ...



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