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The Deal with the Greek Communist Party
and the Left Wing

In Humanity there has always been a duality, essentially two groups struggling against each other to achieve two exactly opposing situations: one group is typically small in number and seeks the complete subjugation and exploitation not only of anyone who does not belong to this group but also of its very members consisting it. The other group is typically large in number and seeks at least to secure satisfactory survival-living in an environment as much as possible low in contention. The expression of these groups changes names and/or categorization depending on the angle from which we want to analyze them. In politics and society they are expressed through the conservative-right wing mentality and through the pro-democratic – left wing mentality.

But now, in the current political spectrum we witness the following novel phenomenon: instead of having these two groups represented, we have support for the right wing and right wing philosophy in the left wing as well, WHILE claiming their resistance/ opposition to it. We will see here how they achieve this and the reasons that can be inferred about why they do it.

When a political party (regardless of alignment) truly seeks power and its preference by the People, it takes very specific steps to achieve it, no matter what the philosophy is or the aims right after securing governing power. In particular, every party seriously seeking the leadership of a country:

1. has a specific governing program for all or at least the basic sectors of a country-state AND ANNOUNCES THEM, PROJECTS THEM AND SUPPORTS THEM WITH ARGUMENTS AS THE BEST CHOICE SYSTEMATICALLY AND CONTINUOUSLY. On the contrary, KKE (= the Greek Communist Party) and its general offshoots (see SYRIZA, KKE ES, etc) often comment on the weaknesses / choices and so on of the other parties but they never tell the People what they themselves are prepared to do. Beyond the stagnant language and the standardized commentary they don’t brief the Citizens (in detail and with substantiation) that the policies of these other parties are anti-People BECAUSE THESE PARTIES CHOOSE SO AND NOT BECAUSE OF CIRCUMSTANTIAL NECESSITY. This proof that all the other parties are malevolently trying to cheat the People by scaring them and blackmailing them that there is no other solution for the problems except the crushing measures the other parties announce, could be substantiated only if KKE presented a program that could point a way out while protecting the People’s daily living. That is not done, and simple criticism without an offer of an alternative solution does not win votes and moreover it demoralizes the People.
2. has a leader/ chief of party (regardless the title used for the position) which (regardless of gender or age) can inspire trust to the People that he/she is strong, perseverant and determined to defend both his/her beliefs and aims as well as the People in the chance that he/she is selected by them. The extremely good leader can convince that he/she will do it even if the People don’t select him/her. All the parties contending governing power invest huge funds to the so-called image makers (who create a communicational image ) to forge essentially spineless individuals with null capacity to either make decisions or take responsibilities, even for the task of sustaining an intelligent conversation that has not been pre-agreed and pre-constructed so that they will manage, for the few public appearances they make, to play the leader’s role as we described it at a somewhat acceptable level. On the contrary, KKE has to show for leader a woman without any dynamic or personality and, based on her latest very brief appearance through the mass media of her talk in Thessaloniki, without flow of speech or organized thought. Her gossip-reminiscent talk-criticism of the other parties alluded to images not of a leader but of a housewife of questionable objectivity and of older eras (especially through the manner in which she used the podium as if it were her window’s sill that she was leaning on while taking a break from putting the laundry out to dry), an image which the largest percentage of Humans keeps distances from or completely rejects. As far as the matter of leadership of the similar parties to KKE like SYRIZA are concerned, they are demonstrating in any way they can that they don’t know how to pick a leader (their struggles to pick one has led to choosing not one, but 11) nor, of course, how to lead a government.
3. the parties that wish to govern and which seriously contend for power take care to demonstrate that they have fierce supporters filled with enthusiasm and determination for the future. That is why the government-level parties have the so-called claque which would cheer even if the leader of the party announced their programmed execution for the ‘common good’. An excellent example of this is the audience of K. Karamanlis in his appearances in the ITF this year. On the contrary, the audience for KKE that was shown by the media yesterday would be far more fitting for a funeral or memorial service and not to a gathering of a candidate leader for the country. Just the feel of depression and idleness of the audience of A. Papariga serves as an example to avoid, because nobody wants to feel that way. Everyone rightfully seeks to feel revived (hence the current motto by PASOK- ‘revivification’). The flags, beyond the fact that they were just the red ones without the Hellenic ones as well, did not move at all when they were supposed to be waved just like it is done when a liberator waves the flag at the end of a winning battle (there is no other reason that all the other parties have a specially trained audience stemming from their paid base that does exactly that, and actually also has everything else needed to accompany this vitality and semblance of victory-won, with a lot of noise, horns, etc). Especially in the case of KKE, it would be able to easily gather a sincere audience brimming with enthusiasm if it projected program in a completely different trajectory than the rest, and if it had at the lead not a dinosaur of the past (the age is irrelevant) but an individual full of combativeness and powerful speech, such as for example Liana Kanelli or S. Chalvatzis.

We see therefore in the left wing a group of parties that oddly enough and while they typically run for the government of Greece through the People’s vote, they take the exact opposite steps to those which would allow them to get their message across. Instead of offering solutions or simply presenting a program in the best possible manner, they just criticize at the level that anyone can ( from L. Lazopoulos to P. Tsimas). Instead of having an inspired or even simply able leader, either they have no leader at all or their leader comes across as invalid or useless for the circumstances. Instead of having or inspiring enthusiasm in their audience, they do what they can to dull it, render it inert and toneless. As parliamentary opposition they are non existent, from the post-Junta period and on, and beyond the organization of a typical demonstration they do nothing to give the People the weapons against oppression such as the support of People legally with continuous appeals to the Council of the State and generally through legal/justice channels (within and outside of Greece) to defend the Constitutional and Human Rights of the Greeks.

In essence, with this picture before us, we are scientifically and technocratically led to the conclusion that no left wing party wishes to govern. That was what was openly told to me since 1984-85 when a representative of the KKE stated word for word: “we do not nor are interested in governing, we are like the first Christians and are interested in the people to slowly, gradually understand.”

What, of course, she neglected to mention was that the first Christians were both extremely interested and fought to the ends to overthrow anyone they saw as governor/ governing system, so that the governing system they ascribed to could be founded: Christ upon the earth through the politics of true Love (what that is and how it can be defined and explained in secular terms will be looked at in another article, not of this cluster).

The first Christians achieved their goal so well that it took Constantine the Great to usurp their work and toil and while he was never a Christian by name or behavior, he enforced and eroded the most groundbreaking, pro-People, Humanitarian movement of Global scope, by including under the title of ‘Christian’ throngs of idolaters, agent provocateurs and anti-Humanitarians so that Chistianity could assume the stiflingly tyrannical profile of administration and usury of the sacerdocy world-wide and across time.

In the same, then, manner that true Christianity has become extinct as an official movement due to the existence of the organized church usurping the term and not allowing the movement’s application (in the general rule), so has true communism become extinct from the moment it was usurped by the assorted communist party in Russia (with Lenin in the matching role of Constantine the Great being the pinnacle), in China, in the Balkans and elsewhere. Greece is no longer the exception.



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