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The Truth about the Political Scene

Politics is essentially a modern term (if we exclude politics during the Ancient History in Greece and later Rome during its Republic days) which holds all the essence of the alignment of Humans: politics is what determines daily living and through politics (i.e. the was to determine, define and take a course) Humans try to improve the conditions of living and the level of their intellect. Therefore, even in the times where nobody even thought of using the term politics or even think politically (which for long periods of history was forbidden to be done by the middle social classes/ castes and lower), there has not existed nor exists an individual that does not do politics and there is no individual that is not affected by his/her leader’s politics, the politics the individual him/herself follows in his/her life and the general political scene which arises each moment in time.

The political scene always arises from the political voices and forces that have access to the People (always, of course, when we are talking about People-centered systems and regimes like Democracy or when so by choice of the oligarchs/ tyrants/ dictators that were clever enough to understand that a long-lived term in power comes only when the People are positively inclined to it. Excellent examples of such successful demagogues are J. Caesar, Henry VIII, Elizabeth the first, Napoleon, A. Hitler, A. Papandreou, and others). The more pluralistic and multi-voiced the political scene is, the greater the guarantee that there is freedom of thought, expression and therefore also choice. These ingredients are the ones that develop societies so that they become more viable and promote the evolution of Humans on all levels.

In the current parliamentary era, after so many struggles for freedom of speech, equality and the capacity for self-determination on the personal and state level, after so many Treaties, Covenants, Declarations and Constitutions confirming what the people achieved with blood in most countries of the world, there should be, logically thinking, a motley of ideas in the political scene. From this motley there should result a common vector of a course to benefit all without exception the Humans and social classes (assuming of course that Humans wish for the existence of social class). But that which we witness is the exact opposite: while on the surface there is an abundance of political parties with alignments in all directions / political stances, in essence and in the behavior of the parties seriously contending for the vote of the People we see the exact same politics with the exact same alignment.

That is to say, we have a political scene where there is only one voice with plays all the roles the People has demanded to exist in it.

As we explained the manner in which the People are deterred by the KKE and which more or less holds for every party declaring itself left wing (with any shade), in similar methods the people are herded to think the following two things:

A. That there is only one manner of politics that is safe even if unpleasant or destructive, and
B. That every team/ approach except that which is projected as the only way is ludicrous, unrealistic, backwards or utopian depending on its representatives (which the people de facto consider that they are truly real representatives of the professed approach).

In essence the political scene is formed by the scare tactics and terrorism towards the people that chaos will be upon us if they don’t accept policies highly excruciating for them and without any guarantee about the benefits. In essence, the political scene is forged to give the sensation of the dead-end (e.g. in Greece there is the impression that the only leader selection available is between either New Democracy or PASOK, as if among the ten million of Greeks there isn’t any better one to find) in combination with extreme fear that forbids the capacity to think coolly and logical, even if they do manage to even think. Thus, just like in the fishing method of whitebait by simple amateurs, the net is thrown in shallow waters on the one side and noise is made on the other side, so the whitebait won’t see that there is any other way out except the way to the net, so the political scene is presented as chaotic and frightening an environment anywhere except where the net lies.

In this manner, in essence after the Second World War and the rest of the striggles/ terrorist regimes (e.g. McCarthyism in the USA and juntas of all types in Greece) around the world, in several ways the true representatives of the pluralistic political scene as it had formed since the turn of the 20th century were exterminated (from concentration camps to exiles due to political alignments, to blackmails and marginalizations, to murders of all tupes, etc). In their places were installed individuals that simply pretended to be fighters, or if they began as fighters they folded or were bought off. In essence, these replacements, like any spy or traitor, have been acting for those to while they bow or have always been part of (in any way): in this case the great capital as it is expressed through the few-in-number dynasties-families that for centuries (the most powerful ones) or at least for decades have been making incursions in entire states.

Therefore, what has happened and set in since the after-junta period in the case of Greece is the remodification of a political scene that, through revolutions and other social struggles, had managed to become pluralistic and therefore Humanitarian, into the political scene of the previous centuries where instead of polyphony there was only one tyrannical/oligarchic/ dictatorial/ royal/ imperial ‘by the grace of God’ voice so that it could, as it is doing now, exterminate through terror every opposition and resistance to it.

The only difference now in relation to older times is that instead of the fear of God (“you go against the will of God if you oppose the king/emperor/aristocrat who was born ‘by the grace of God’ in this position, and what will happen to us!”) has been replaced with the fear of organizations abroad/ union/ states (“you will go against the will of OECD/NATO/EU/USA/UK/Germany/UN/ etc who are the experts because they just are, and what will happen to us!”) and the fear of economic/ warfare disaster.

Of course there is risk in politics for both economic and warfare disaster but the only way to truly experience both economic and warfare disaster is to allow the fear for these disasters to remain, which with the extent of terrorism projected onto the political scene, does not allow anyone to make any evaluation and not fall upon the net like whitebait.

Since 1944, there have been multiple historical pieces of proof that when as a People we give in to the pyrotechnics of terrorism that the assorted abuser of our political scene projects for his/her benefit and those who fund him/her, what follows is financial and war-related disaster.

At this time, unfortunately no political party from the most extremist left-wing to the most extremist right-wing (the word is for LAOS) has not escaped the above condition of abusing the political scene and helping so that only one voice, the voice of the usurious/ banking empire seeking to sap Human and financial dynamic to the last drop. Not one party promotes even a little the protection of survival (let alone the interest and well being) of the People, that is the each individual personally that does not belong to or cooperate with these few dynasties-families.

In essence, the People is pushed and blackmailed into voting for one of the two parties that, with the mechanisms we described in the previous article, are the only they are allowed to compare and contrast. It is clear that no matter what choice they make (at this time, before the speech by G. Papandreou is delivered in the ITF, it seems that PASOK is being favoured to win, to give the impression to the People that they brought forth some sort of change-punishment of the leaving government) the people will be seriously harmed, even though if New Democracy is re-elected, they will be harmed even more.

The only way for the People to benefit is not to play in this political scene either with staggering abstention, not from the elections themselves, but from the valid vote (so that they don’t allow anyone to blame them from irresponsibility as was the case in the Euroelections). They will have to demonstrate that they consciously do not choose anyone and do not allow to have their vote used (as is the case of how the blank votes and small party votes are calculated) in any party and thus to bring forth purging of the political scene and have the true Popular voice heard: since decrying (in Greek this is called ‘to cast the black vote/ to blacken’ the parties) is required for everyone, as the majority of the Greeks openly declare, the vote’s envelope must contain a literally black piece of paper and since, unfortunately, one cannot trust the tricks leading to counting the votes via ballots for unknown parties (e.g. the party called LEFKO- in Greek ‘lefko’= ‘the blank vote’), have this paper brought from home with some additional mark of invalidation.

Greeks in particular shouldn’t fear because the only periods of non-government took place when typically there was some government. In the cases where the government was absent, the Hellenic People managed miraculous things.



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