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How Justice Vanishes

In the air around us there are several microbes and antigens. However, our body in most cases remains healthy despite the daily innumerable attacks by microbes and similar enemies, thanks to its immune system. If that vanishes, then our body is certainly not going to live for many days. If our immune system is weakened, then the body is in a continual state of illness and in most cases in a progressively declining course that leads to premature death.

Justice is the immune system of the organism of society-state. If that vanishes, the state becomes the field of power of every social miasma and society is turned into a jungle. If it is weakened or degraded then the state and society are led to certain etiolation and eradiation after a long, drawn out and torturous for the People course of desperation. Because exactly it is only Justice / the judiciary system that stands between society and the anti-social expoiters-oppressors of the many, it is the first one to be attacked when such kinds of familial dynasties seek to be installed in states-societies the People of which have defended for their own well being.

How is Justice eradicated?

If it was officially abolished (e.g. the courts shut down for ever and nobody could seek legal defense of their Rights anywhere) the People would revolt and there would thus occur a purging of society with the expulsion of those coveting what belongs to the People and to each Individual personally.

Therefore, exactly as has happened in the political scene we analyzed in the previous article, Justice remains superficially in effect and active, and on top of it often its stature and status is underlined loudly, especially where its effects overlap with politics (i.e. institutions such as the Constitution). However, at the same time the positions of the judiciary functionaries and officers are manned by individuals (exactly as in the political parties) which are either from the start hired to abolish Justice or in the course of things and under the great pressures/blackmails they fold, compromise and are bought off, learning to mention and refer to the letter of the Law while they don’t keep it.

Thus, while, for example the attorney on call is in that position to oversee that the Law is daily upheld, especially where breaking it means ex proprio motu persecution, he/she does not oversee anything and does whatever is possible to intimidate/ jeer/ downput Citizens who bring to his/her attention pornographic magazines and ads, to forced child labour-servitude-beggary, to beggary, to underaged alcoholism, to sexual activity of an adult with a minor/ to pederasty (in effect even during puberty-pre pubescent period), and other crimes against Humans and society that are committed massively through the press or criminal bands.

That happens because the attorney has accepted to not protect society from practices-attempts of great income exploited by the same dynasties in several ways so that he/she will have in return rewards and avoid any hounding within and outside of his/her workplace. Other attorneys just belong to these dynasties and are positioned in such offices just to ensure the above-law status of that sort of activity.

Thus, when the Constitution is breached, this sort of attorney is not going to run to stop this abuse from happening. If a written complained is filed nevertheless, he/she will do all in their power to convince the Citizen that there is no Constitutional breach and thus he/she won’t take action while orally he/she will either denounce the Constitution (saying “let the Constitution lie now/ I don’t care/ it is not my concern what the Constitution says/ etc”) or he/she will try to infuse a sensation of futility of an otherwise correct and lawful act (saying “you are right but it just isn’t done/what can you do with the situation as it is, that’s the way it always is/ you can’t catch them they are powerful/ etc”) so that they will deter continuation of any procedures through psychological pressure, undermining and discouragement / depression.

Certainly, therefore, when the attorney declares him/herself too weak or denying to apply their function on simple legal and actual people (i.e. businesses and people who don’t possess a state office), he/she is not going to act or even allow for the Law to be applied (even in its weakened form as it has been rendered now) on the politician who publically admits he/she is determined to ablosh the Constitution, Human Rights and generally anything that ensures that existence of a state and the protection of society from menticide and tyranny (e.g. the cases of Zahopoulos, OTE, Vatopedi, the Stock Market, the Bonds Case, the Siemens Case, and innumerable more cases). The most blatant attorney who officially and openly (to me personally beyond his public statements) denounced and ignored and therefore abolished the Constitution for the benefit of the interests and the government he took it upon himself to support was the High Court Attorney Sanidas.

The only way to force each attorney and each judge/ judicial functionary to apply the Law (by serving the Constitution in its above-law status as he/she swears to do) and thus restore the Justice he/she abolished is the fear of Public Justice in any way it may manifest.



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