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How Entertainment is a Political Tool

In any fiction of a futuristic totalitarian society with total control of the People, ever-present in every private and common area is presented to be the propaganda of the regime and the control of thought through isolation of assorted kinds. That is fully applied in the real societies world wide through entertainment, i.e. the mass manners of entertainment that are projected as correct and progressive/modern/ ‘in’.

Always, the way in which people entertained themselves has reflected the level of intellect, critical thinking and social power each social class managed. That is, how much Humans spend their free time by being a simple receiver and passive transmitter is directly commensurate to how much they have social force as personalities. With the term social force we mean the capacity of the Human or a group to affect other Humans or social conditions with their actions. Entertainment in society now (that is pop music, popular films, popular ways of having fun with friends, popular books and TV-radio) contributes to politics by cultivating passivity, depression, inertia, alienation and isolation in individuals while instilling the political propaganda that will allow the political scene to remain as we described it to be.

In particular, in current times there is a continuous cultivation to a hydrocephalic level of the devotion of the person to a single area: sexuality, but only in the form of consumerism, that is, not only are Humans pushed from a very early, tender age to occupy themselves with way and goods that will allow them to attract sexual partners but also pushed to over-consume sexual partners to the end of their lives. Everything that is offered for entertainment purposes and relaxation revolves around that, from song lyrics to popular movies (there is no movie without a plethora of sexual scenes or at least allotted time to analyze love/sexual relationships), the discussions of problems and the range of topics of best selling books. The works that are not thus categorized fall in the second big category which is relevant to the first and concerns great aggression and teach Humans to seek and expect attempts of subjugation and submission in Human relationships in order to be in a position to process and evaluate these relationships.

The above profile which is instilled and taught to Humans through entertainment is highly political because it teaches Humans to expect and even seek, in the case of leadership, to sense things only if there is enforcement, aggression and abuse, otherwise they don’t feel the relationship is complete and therefore they reject it. Therefore, in other words, they learn to be unable to exist and function in an environment of real, true Democracy.

The above is a direct application of the most classic psychological methods of learning (behavioural learning treatment).

In older times, when there was a high political awareness in the People and many social Rights and protections were fought for and won over, that type of entertainment still existed but in the same time/ in parallel there was another level were Humans (and therefore movies, songs, books, friendly gatherings and having fun with friends) allowed for the existence of critical thinking and occupation with issues and topics relevant to society parameters and ways to improve them, that is, entertainment was politicized (e.g. in Greece theatrical reviews before the junta were purely political without a trace of invective or resolving to debased bourlesque-type humour that makes no social offer and only cultivates aggression, a good percentage of the Hellenic cinema especially before the junta described and criticized social conditions and problems, popular songs with topics of political critique were made in the same frequency as love songs which also had limits, social slants and identities, etc).

That is, the most powerful manipulation lever for Humans as a social being and therefore as a political being is Humans themselves if they are convinced or learn to quit their political capacities and cannot form a single healthy relationship, that is one in which they are not the rulers nor the ruled but equal partners with clear limits, Rights, Obligations and Responsibilities.

The easiest way to raise such kinds of incomplete Humans is to continually brain wash them as described above while in the same time taking away true education and the full spectrum of experiences (not sexual, but existential on all levels) that a Human must have in order to be able to think.

In the following articles we will demonstrate how this is achieved in education and the control of experiences.



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