Invitation to Amend and Conform to International and Local Law
Name: Olga Yeritsidou

Legal Department & Press Office
Press Office

3. co-signing GREEK CITIZENS

Monday, May 28th 2012

Subject : “ Invitation to Amend and Conform to International and Local Law”

It has come to our attention via several news reports and articles in the press that affiliates of your organizations have been regularly issuing threatening and ominous statements regarding Greece˘s future, currency, inclusion in the Eurozone as well as regarding assorted versions of ĦArmageddon˘ that supposedly will befall the Greek People should their voting behaviour in the upcoming National Elections of June 17 2012 not be to your approval or liking.

In particular, we have been subjected to such extreme foreshadowing and threatening as being forcibly expelled from the Eurozone, being forcibly expelled from the European Union, being attacked by debtors to the point of being territorially dismembered as a State (!), being reduced to the status of a colony or occupied territory for the benefit of various individuals and/or organizations, being forcibly annexed to debtor countries, being stripped of every notion of Sovereignty, enduring extreme poverty and famine and being left unprotected in the case of invasive war, in the eventuality that we as the Greek People do not approve of the political parties supporting your policies regarding Greece.

However, given the fact that basic International Law including the Rome Statute of Limitations and assorted treaties such as the Lisbon Treaty do NOT support such statements, at least as far as the published and commonly accepted and therefore legally binding texts go, one can easily ascertain that they are false, sensationalist and very similar to propaganda fit only for totalitarian and oppressive regimes, not organizations established to guarantee the preservation of Liberty, Human Rights and the avoidance of imperialism in the post war international community.

We also feel it necessary to remind you that according to International Law no agreement or treaty that is secret in nature and non publicized can ever overwrite those that are publicized and commonly known and accepted, in any way.

Therefore, should you be making or allowing such public statements to be made based on projections and/or agreements that have not been sanctioned and ratified according to International Law, we feel obliged to inform you that they are void and therefore by default can be characterized as fraudulent and malicious against Greece and the Greek People.

We, also, intend to inform you with the current letter of basic facts directly connected to both Hellenic and International Law regarding your actions to date. Specifically, Hellenic Law delineates that no physical or legal entity may attempt to force the Greek Electorate towards any voting behaviour that is to their interest or that of others. Also, it is a dire criminal offense to attempt to exercise violence in order to extort a specific voting behaviour out of the Greek Electorate. It is also considered a direct and violent interference into the internal affairs of a Sovereign State to terrorize that State˘s People for any purpose.

You understand, therefore, how it worsens your position internationally that you are allowing for the terrorization and harrowing of the Greek People regarding the election of their government, something that directly points to your attempt to control political developments and therefore governing policies in Greece. This constitutes a direct attack against Greece˘s Independence and Sovereignty and it casts an additionally burdening and sinister shadow on actions that have already been estimated to be breaching the Human Rights of the Greeks and have already been accused to be the result of unlawful activity and corruption across governments internationally.

Because we are law-abiding Citizens willing to give the benefit of the doubt even at the face of such gross indication, we do not wish to accuse you of any willful illegal activity before inviting you to present your data. Therefore, we are willing to consider that there may be a grain of truth in all the statements made to date which you have not actively taken steps to debunk or recant rather than them being a cheap and underhanded move to force the Greeks to vote against their personal interest as they see it independently and without the use of threats and emotional violence which is nothing less than a full out psychological war that you and your supporters are waging against us to the point that you are driving our co-Citizens to suicide.

Consequently, we invite you to present us with evidence existing in the pertinent legal texts that gives you and your supporters capacity to :

a. expel any member State from the Eurozone

b. expel any member State from the European Union

c. enforce a different currency or conjoint currencies in any member State of the Eurozone

d. revoke basic Sovereign Rights because of financial reasons

e. allow for the annihilation of any State and its forcible dismantling due to financial reasons

f. allow for the subjugation of any member State˘s People to another member State within the Eurozone or the European Union

g. allow for the political meddling of any member State in the internal affairs and governance of another within the European Union

h. allow for the extreme poverty and annulling of any member State˘s People˘s basic Human Rights within the European Union and the Eurozone.

Should you fail to provide us with legislation giving you free hand to allow or precipitate any of the above or fail to answer this letter by June 10th, 2012 at the latest, we will be forced by the evidence to consider you hostile and dangerous not only to Greece but to World stability and peace.

In the most likely occurrence that there is no legislation allowing you to have the press be fraught with threatening and hostile statements as those we provide above as mere examples, we invite you to immediately take steps to recant the sum of these statements and advise your officials as well as any other individual invoking your name or making allegations regarding actions for which you are responsible, to abstain from further action since this is a pre-elections period for Greece and they will be held accountable for attempting to extort a specific elections result from the Greek Electorate, and you will also be called to answer why you did not take steps to stop them.

We remain in confidence that you will immediately take steps to rectify the situation according to International and Hellenic Law.

Reserving all Legal Rights,

Olga G. Yeritsidou

Tanya-Maria Geritsidou

Co-signing Citizens :


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